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What began as a journal entry turned into a blog post. A reader of the series exclaimed, “This would make a great book!”

Inspiration and excitement burst from the heart. Yes, I can do this!

The journal you’ve poured your heart and soul into now rests on the surface next to your computer. You review its content and fill the blank document on the monitor. Your story, filled with insightful pearls of wisdom, form sentences and transform paragraphs.

Then questions start to swirl like vultures and loom in dark craves of your mind asking, Now what?

This is where a good developmental editor comes in. 

The act of writing is baring your soul. Words flow from heart to hand and onto the pages. There are no tricks of the trade. No gimmicks. Just you and your favorite writing apparatus. You write.

Writers know they are too close to their story and unable to see the forest through the trees. Valuable details are unintentionally left out of the content, because, in the writer’s mind, they relive the event over and over. It is familiar terrain. For the audience, it will be their first experience in the shared moment. They yearn to be drawn into the storyline, witness the events as they play out, and observe the characters’ environment.

Cindy possess the natural ability to listen to the written voice weaved throughout the storyline and can guide you, the author, to express the unspoken voice. This is the key element to a developmental editor.

Cindy is much more than an editor; she has been my trustee guide and confidant over the past three years while writing my second book, Guided by Love. Her meticulous attention to detail and suggestions helped me to polish the manuscript into its final version. A highly emotional book for me to write, Cindy encouraged me to dig deeper and to find the strength to share my truth in each chapter. I look forward to working with her again on my next book when the time comes.
Sarah Wall

Author & Speaker


Your book started the moment you put pen to paper and wrote from your heart.

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