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Hi! I’m Cindy.

I am a writer; it’s what I do. My mission is to inspire writers to write and create a supportive community for writer to network. I am passionate about assisting writers to hone their skills and publish their stories. My intent is to help authors to get their heart-centered messages in front of their audience.

As the publisher of Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine, I found myself guiding contributing writers to trust their intuition and write content from their heart. The Integrative Nutrition Health Coach education I received became the foundation of Elements For A Healthier Life and a platform for coaches and community leaders to share pearls of wisdom and professional insights.

Often times when assisting virtual assistant clients, it is natural for me to help them with their written projects. They keep me creatively busy and motivated to learn more. Life is an amazing adventure; it was never intended to be lived in gray-scale. Visit CKKochis.com to read about my adventures.

Book I’ve written, designed and self-published include: Get A Compass Not A Clock and UnLeash Your Story: A Journal Writer’s Guidebook. Contributing author in Unleash Your Inner Magnificence, published by Inspired Living Publishing, LLC.


Are you ready to dedicate your time, energy and creative imagination to completing that written project you’ve been hoping to finish one day?

If not now, when?

Take your writing to the next level.

Wednesday’s 1pm est

Current series:
December 16, 2020 to February 3, 2021

We will meet weekly for a 1-hour Zoom video conference call.

We will dedicate 30 minutes to writing in silence and follow up with a Q&A period centered on a weekly topic.

Hone Writing Skills

A focus topic will be provided each week to expand our writing and editing techniques. This will help inspire us to complete that first draft and prepare us for editing a book, maintain a blog series, or focusing on our other writing projects.

Who Can Join

The Writers Circle Group Coaching is intended for authors, bloggers, copywriters, freelancers, those who love to journal and anyone who has a deep passion to write.

Event details and Zoom access link made available at the Pen to Paper Writer Circle Facebook group.

If you’re like most authors, writing leaves you feeling isolated and disconnected from the rest of the world.

It is no secret writing can be a lonely endeavor. We sit for long periods of time connected to our imagination, Spirit and writing apparatus.

Join us in the writers circle. It’s where writers meet to write, connect, and network.

Topics of Discussion

Cindy’s intuition guides the direction of our conversations.
There is a good chance the topics will shift to fit the needs of the group.

Sample Discussion Topics

Resistance & an Outline

Let Your Vulnerability Shine

Procrastination Doesn’t Rule Me

Keep Writing That Shitty First Draft

Preparing to Publish

Basics of Editing

“I’ve heard of the saying that there’s a book inside each of us but what happens when you start writing a book on a topic that is dear to your heart and get hit by the Curse of Knowledge and Information?

That’s exactly what happened to me for my 7th book where I’ve written about money from both a Coach and a Finance Specialist’s point of view. I put my manuscript aside thinking I will return to it and then time went by until I found my Motivator and gentle coaxing to revisit my manuscript from Cindy.

Under her unassuming yet powerful mentorship in the Pen to Paper Writers Circle, I finally realized my manuscript was actually two books instead of one! The clarity I received finally spurred me to revisit my book and this time, I finalized my manuscript and published it!

Looking back, I realize our communications over a few days made all the difference and Cindy helped me understand that Writer’s Block can take many forms.

If you are stuck in a rut with a cherished book project, blog and need someone to stand by you while you work on your dream project, then Cindy Kochis is the Go to Mentor for the job. I strongly recommend joining the Pen to Paper Writers Circle.

That’s one decision your Future Self will thank you for!”

-Vatsala Shukla

What’s holding you back from writing that book, composing those articles and completing that manuscript for publishing?

What is the Writers Circle Group Sessions?
The vision is to create a supportive community for writer to write. I am passionate about assisting writers to hone their skills and publish their message. The intent is to help writers to get their heart-centered messages in front of their audience.

To learn more, visit the About Us page.

What if I’m not a seasoned writer?
The Writers Circle is for seasoned and unseasoned writers who enjoy writing and have the intent to publish their work.

Each of us has a natural gift for relaying OUR message through written words.

The purpose of the circle is to:

  • feel supported and offer support in a community atmosphere.
  • hold ourselves accountable and feel motivated to focus on our writing projects.
  • expand and hone our writing skills.

Whether you are a seasoned or unseasoned writer, there’s a natural ebb and flow of our craft. Wouldn’t it be helpful to discuss the process of writing with those who understand?

Why did you create this writers circle?

I am a writer; it’s what I do.

I, just like you, know…

  • how lonely writing can be,
  • contend with the internal voice that tells me my stuff is utter-crap,
  • let days, months, years (yes, I have three fiction books I started writing four or more years ago) pass with the familiar promise that I’ll get to it soon,
  • in order to stay motivated to complete the book I am writing about grieving the death of my oldest son I need to hold myself accountable and to others,
  • great things can be accomplished when we feel unconditional support from others,
  • we are not alone,
  • our words have power,
  • and, our stories matter.

Why am I leading this circle? This circle is for me to stretch beyond my comfort zone as much as it is for you. And, why not?!

What can I expect to gain as a participant?
  • a community that supports you no matter how crappy you feel your writing is today.
  • a release of the common doldrums of who am I to write and who’s going to read my words.
  • a camaraderie of fellow writers that understands and supports you unconditionally.
  • the encouragement to finish that book you’ve been “working on” for years.
  • the encouragement to create and maintain a blogging schedule.
  • the creative spark to develop a realist list of article topics.
  • the freedom and inspiration to be as creative as you can be!
  • the determination to schedule the time to write.
  • discussions that stretch your creativity and knowledge.
  • expansion of knowledge to hone your writing skillset.

Each of us has with a unique set of skills, knowledge and a “voice” worth being heard.

Your pen to paper makes my heart smile always. I’m going to click through to see your beautiful writers circle now. Thank you for all that you do to inspire us.
-Z. M.

“This is fabulous, Cindy, with the writing circle and I love your writing style as I find it very almost poetic.”
– Laura J.

“Your writing is phenomenal and I an so happy that you are venturing into creating a community of writers. I have felt the pain of isolation, as an online business woman and a writer, having a weekly writing support group would be heaven.”

-Rachel Kieffer

Writing is an intimate process of communicating with Self. 

Our community structure is based on being present for each other in a nonjudgemental and free-from-criticism forum.

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