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Who is the intended reader of your book?
Do you know who your audience is? How would you describe them? Would you like to gain important clarity?

Unleash Your Creative Mind

Journal Prompt Series
Writing prompts breathe creativity into our imagination and leads us on a journey we may not have otherwise taken.

For many authors, it is the handwritten words in an early morning journal entry that inspires the imagination to flow. Visualizations and emotions are scribbled in ink across the pages. And then it happens…

Inspiration and excitement burst from the heart. Yes, I can do this!

The journal you’ve poured your heart and soul into now rests on the surface next to your computer. You review its content and fill the blank document on the monitor. The insightful pearls of wisdom you’ve expressed on paper form sentences and transform into paragraphs to create one chapter after another. Soon the plot twists, characters personalities develop, and the arc of the story is outlined.

The backstory to your writing adventure fills your journal. Then, one day you realize the journey to becoming an author began the moment you put pen to paper.

Hi. I’m Cindy Kochis

Podcast Host | Website Designer | Editor | Coach

This is where a developmental editor comes in. 

The act of writing is baring your soul. Words flow from heart to hand and onto the pages. There are no tricks of the trade. No gimmicks. Just you and your favorite writing apparatus. You write.

Writers know they are too close to their story and unable to see the forest through the trees. Valuable details are unintentionally left out of the content, because, in the writer’s mind, they relive the event over and over. It is familiar terrain. For the audience, it will be their first experience in the shared moment. They yearn to be drawn into the storyline, witness the events as they play out, and observe the characters’ environment.

I listen to the written voice weaved throughout the storyline and can guide you, the author, to express the unspoken voice. This is the key element to a developmental editor.

There’s a backstory to every book. 

Pour your self a mug of tea and listen to the conversations I have with podcast guests. You’ll hear from New York Times best-selling authors, writers, editors, folks who know marketing, publishers and those who love the craft of writing. Every episode is an opportunity to learn actionable insights to inspire you to write, and gives you the opportunity to meet the authors in their own voice.

It’s time. No more pondering the idea. Write ‘that’ book. Your words have power. YOUR story matters!

Ruth Little, Pen to Paper Press Podcast Guest Speaker

Preserving History with an Artist’s Vision & Historian’s Pen

A historian knows what details to look for in historical homes and buildings. A writer knows how to relay the story and an artist has the vision to paint the history. M. Ruth Little, an architectural historian from Raleigh, North Carolina, gives us an insight on the preservation of historical structures, the challenges she’s faced as an artist, and the journey that leads her to publish The Book of Ruth.

Stepping Over Distractions and the Sacred Space to Write

Distractions are everywhere. How do you deal with them? Carrie Knowles, award-winning author and educator, shares her experiences and insights on her choice to write and making a career of it. You will hear the backstories of several of Carrie’s books, how the Door of Hope relates to her family’s history, and the difference between a character-driven and plot-driven author. Pour a mug of fresh lemonade for yourself and enjoy this educational and entertaining conversation.

Marvin Levine, podcast guest

Writing from Life Experiences

The Broken Wire initially started as encouraging words to his stepdaughter. It was writing from his point of life experiences that Marvin Levine discovered creative flow to write his novels. Listen to the action steps he is taking to promote his newest book and if the setting for the book is based on a real home in the Lowcountry of South Carolina. Pour a mug of coffee for yourself and enjoy this inspiring conversation.

Dare to Publish

Have you thought about creating your own publishing company? In part one of Dare to Publish, Bernadette Bruckner shares with Cindy Kochis why she started her own publishing company, how her near-death experiences affected her writing, and what it means to trust timing. Pour a mug of chai tea for yourself and enjoy this motivational conversation about timing. Dare to publish. You never know who you can inspire and the lives you’re impacting with your story. 

Tanya Miller, Turn Your Book into Gold

Turn Your Book into Gold

How are you promoting the book you worked hard to publish? Can you turn your book into gold? Are you using it to showcase your purpose? If so, how?Tanya Miller is an author of the Mind Matters project, a motivation speaker, life coach, and innovative. Tanya shares her love of writing, how a debilitating disease changed how she writes, and multiple ways we can transform our book into a profitable business opportunities. Listen as Cindy gets put on the hot seat regarding the services she offers. Pour a mug of lemon ginger tea for yourself and enjoy this motivational conversation with Tanya Miller.

The Creative Journey of a Southern Storyteller

Have you set down a book, and thought, “I could do that”? Paul Attaway, the bestselling author of Blood in the Low Country, shifted gears from a 30-year career as a small business entrepreneur to southern storyteller. Find out which aspects of the book writing process took him out of his comfort zone, the publishing route he chose, and who is helping him promote his books. Pour a mug of sweet tea for yourself and enjoy our educational conversation. The lessons that impact us the most are those told in storytelling. There is much to discover in this episode.

The Wisdom Two Podcasters Gain from Interviewing Authors

What motivated a recovering lawyer to shift his attention from the courtroom to writing three books focused on saving Christmas and a book possibly exposing plagiarism on well-know document? Landis Wade, lawyer and author, sat with Cindy Kochis for a conversation on the insights they continue to gain by interviewing authors on their independent podcast platforms. Listen as Landis and Cindy share experiences of fellow authors and how it influences the writing process, editing, publishing options and promoting their works of art.
Pour a mug of java for yourself and enjoy our educational conversation. The lessons that impact us the most are those told in storytelling. There is much to discover in this episode.

Stephanie Miller author of Butterfly Beginnings

How an Author is Destined to be a Butterfly

Is the writer’s journey to becoming an author similar to the stages a caterpillar goes through to become a butterfly? Stephanie Miller, author of The Butterfly Blueprint, and Cindy Kochis weave metaphors into their discussion as they explore writer’s block, journalling, and personal growth. Pour a mug of lavender lemon tea for yourself and enjoy our light-hearted conversation about trusting the natural journey of becoming a published author.

Kris Groth

The Soul of the Story

The Soul of the StoryEpisode #59 Guest Speaker ~ Kris Groth“Being true to myself, being true to the books and not trying to change them to meet the expectations of what other fiction writers are doing (that was a big temptation). It's much easier to make a living as...

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Join us in the writers circle. It’s where writers meet to write, connect, and interact within this writing community.

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Your story begins when you put pen to paper.

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Your Words Have Power.
Your Story Matters.

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