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Your Words Have Power.
Your Story Matters.

It’s time to write your story!

What began as a journal entry turned into a blog post. A reader of the series exclaimed, “This would make a great book!”

Inspiration and excitement burst from the heart. Yes, I can do this!

The journal you’ve poured your heart and soul into now rests on the surface next to your computer. You review its content and fill the blank document on the monitor. Your story, filled with insightful pearls of wisdom, form sentences and transform paragraphs.

Then questions start to swirl like vultures and loom in dark craves of your mind asking, Now what?

This is where a good developmental editor comes in. 

The act of writing is baring your soul. Words flow from heart to hand and onto the pages. There are no tricks of the trade. No gimmicks. Just you and your favorite writing apparatus. You write.

Writers know they are too close to their story and unable to see the forest through the trees. Valuable details are unintentionally left out of the content, because, in the writer’s mind, they relive the event over and over. It is familiar terrain. For the audience, it will be their first experience in the shared moment. They yearn to be drawn into the storyline, witness the events as they play out, and observe the characters’ environment.

Cindy possess the natural ability to listen to the written voice weaved throughout the storyline and can guide you, the author, to express the unspoken voice. This is the key element to a developmental editor.

The Writers Circle is where writers meet to write and connect.

Join the community of writers, bloggers, authors and those who love all things centered on weaving words at our weekly meeting.

The Writers Circle group sessions will help you stay accountable to writing at a certain time for a specific duration of time, alleviate the feeling of isolation, and give you the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals.

Join us in the writers circle. It’s where writers meet to write, connect, and interact within this writing community.

Cindy is much more than an editor; she has been my trustee guide and confidant over the past three years while writing my second book, Guided by Love. Her meticulous attention to detail and suggestions helped me to polish the manuscript into its final version. A highly emotional book for me to write, Cindy encouraged me to dig deeper and to find the strength to share my truth in each chapter. I look forward to working with her again on my next book when the time comes.
Sarah Wall

Author & Speaker

Hear the stories behind the books.

Pour your self a mug of tea and listen to the conversations Cindy Kochis has with podcast guests. You’ll hear from New York Times best-selling authors, writers, editors, folks who know marketing, publishers and those who love the craft of writing. Every episode is an opportunity to learn actionable insights to inspire you to write, and gives you the opportunity to meet the authors in their own voice.

It’s time. No more pondering the idea. Write ‘that’ book. Your words have power. YOUR story matters!

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Experiencing the Backstory of Queen Vernita

There is a backstory weaved into every book written. It’s the element that cements the foundation of the story and breathes life into the characters. Dr. Dawn Menge, author of the Queen Vernita educational series and Dragon’s Breath, joins Cindy in the Pen to Paper Press Podcast studio to talk about her children’s book series, travels, and the students who appear in her books. Pour yourself a mug of hot cocoa and enjoy this entertaining conversation focused on writing about life experiences, publishing children’s books, and self-promotion in this episode of Pen to Paper Press Podcast.

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Episode #47 Commentary by Cindy Kochis"A journal is a way for us to record pretty much anything we want. The intentions and uses are endless. And, the best part, you can’t get it wrong. How you journal is totally up to you."- Cindy KochisIs there a correct or...

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Episode #46 Guest Speaker ~ Michelle Zellner"When you are being authentic, honest, true to your core and your guiding principles and values, and you're literally speaking and owning everything (the good, bad, and ugly), that's how you connect. That is how you become...

From Journals to Memoir: The Journey of Adoption

Episode #45 Guest Speaker ~ Jennifer Rose Asher"What I hope readers get from the story is what they need. I hope they see what they need in the story. Whether they are able to implement, and say, "Okay, this girl was trying so hard to force this to happen that as soon...

What Have I Done to Make a Difference?

Episode #044 Guest Speaker ~ Dr. Robert Saul“Forgiveness is essential as we strive to improve ourselves and the lives of our fellow citizens. Lets pay attention to the signs (church, movies, and music to name a few) that can provide the guideposts for us to recognize...

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Is it Your Intention or Goal to Write Your Book?

Episode #42 Guest Speaker ~ Mary McGuire"Believe the story you have is a valid one and one that people would listen to. Most would-be writers stop at that first step which is 'Who would listen to me. I've read Y's book or X's book, and they are so much better. I could...

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