Trusting the Channeled Messages

Episode #002

Guest Speaker ~ Christin Bjergbakke 

“The trust issues goes on all levels of our life. The more we are able to move our consciousness to a place of trust the more we are able to live in accordance with our soul. The story you have to write, the books you have to create, are living in your soul and heart. Let it get out there.”
– Christin Bjergbakke 

Have you wondered where those voices come from as you write? How is it you can see the events of the story play out so vividly in your mind? Could you be channeling messages from spirit or simply imagining it?

I sat with Christin Bjergbakke, author and the Usher Channeler, in the virtual Pen to Paper Press studio to talk about her experience of channeling and writing the book Channeled Messages of Love & Light.

From her Denmark living room, Christin shared how eating healthier and focusing on her connection to source helped the content to flow clearer and with ease. Her experience is a great example of learning to trust the divine messages.

“My advice is to find your tools,” said Christin. “Find out what works for you. What puts you in the position you’re at your best, and when it’s quiet around you. It’s when there’s no noise and your physical body isn’t making any noice, when your mind isn’t making any noise. You’re just there. Balanced and aligned.”

Pour yourself a mug of tea and enjoy our exploration of the expansive topic of trusting our intuition. Please note: English is Christin’s second language.

Book Mentioned in Podcast:
Channeled Messages of Love & Light

Christin Bjergbakke is the Usher Channeler, Author, Reiki Master Teacher and Past Life Therapist. Christin is a graduate of ascended master Athella and after having undergone expert training, she is in tune and in sync with the super masters. Christin has received divine training in the Usher Channeling and has ascended with Melchizedeck, developing an intimate connection with the master. Her role is divinely called and blessed and Christin is supervised and guided by the masters, as she ascends into the Light and offers her services to you. Discover more at

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