A Meaningful Way to Market Our Memoir

Episode #003

Guest Speaker ~ Rica Keenum 

“If I were to give anyone advice it would be to remain open to learning and writing a story that may look completely different from your outline. Keep going. Books don’t write themselves.”
– Rica Keenum

Writing a memoir is a process of peeling back the layers of our life with a rearview mirror perspective. Some events cause us to pause and ponder how we survived a traumatic event while others brighten the day with joy-filled memories. Either way, tissues are usually involved.

We pour our hearts and soul into writing a memoir. It’s a process that leaves the writer vulnerable from scratching open old wounds to celebrated achievements.

Rica Keenum, author and senior staff writer, joined me in the virtual Pen to Paper Press Podcast studio. Initially the intention was to talk with her about writing magazine articles and how they differ from writing a book. It is clear at the beginning of the conversation my intuition lead the conversation in another direction to discuss marketing and memoirs.

Marketing a book we’ve worked hard to write can be very challenging. It is a part of the process many of writers would rather skip. Does marketing have to be that difficult? 

Our written creations are not meant to be our best kept secret.

Pour yourself a mug of hot tea and listen in as Rica and I discuss a meaningful way to market books (or any product) and writing our memoirs.

“Writing has been a phenomenal tool for self-discovery, helping me understand my own trauma and find a path to healing and happiness. I like to say that writers are the creatures who bleed words. And words seem to swim in my veins. Through the process of writing, I’m able to examine my inner world. I’d like to share how letting your words flow freely can be an act of self-care.” – Rica Keenum


Book Mentioned in Podcast:
Petals of Rain: A Mother’s Memoir*

Rica Keenum is a senior staff writer for a lifestyle magazine in Florida. She’s the author of Petals of Rain: A Mother’s Memoir. Find her first-person essays at Scary Mommy, The Huntington Post, Motherwell, Elephant Journal, Mutha Magazine, The Sunlight Press and all over the Internet. Learn more at ricawrites.com.

Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine:
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