A Journey Guided by Love, Loss & a Pen

Episode #006

Guest Speaker ~ Sarah Wall 

“’Guided by Love’ turned out how it was meant to turn out. Not only has it greatly helped me with some of my milestones in healing, it’s my hope people reading it will be able to identify with my story and know there is light at the end of the tunnel. There is hope past death.”
– Sarah Wall

There’s a host of reasons writers journal. It’s an intimate space to connect with Self and express emotions, track events, establish goals, plot storylines, log the journey to a destination, and more. Truly, the uses for maintaining a journal are endless. Often times writers refer to their journals as the baseline for a memoir, autobiography, fictional and non-fictional stories.

Sarah Wall, author, coach and speaker, joined me in the virtual Pen to Paper Press Podcast studio to talk about the different writing processes she found herself utilizing to write Life Reboot and Guided by Love. The journey of composing the content for both drafts was unique and dictated by her current perception of life.

The second book initially took more of an academic path about her childhood and growing up in Ireland. Sarah talks about how an unpleasant experience at a writers’ retreat in Brazil led her on an unexpected personal journey of love, life, and loss. It wasn’t until Sarah returned to Canada she suffered her most traumatic loss – a miscarriage.

With pen in hand, she didn’t journal with the thought, I’m going to write so I can share my story. “I wanted to write it,” Sarah said, “and keep it to myself because that’s the way I process my feelings and it’s the way I learned to heal.”

If you love to journal, you will enjoy this podcast episode. Sarah shares insights on how she distilled over ten years worth of journal entries into eleven book chapters, used it to guided the storyline, and as way to find Self after several heartbreaking events.

Pour yourself a mug of tea and listen in as Sarah and I talk about the importance of allowing ourself to be guided by love, loss and a pen.

Be advised: In my conversation with Sarah, at approximately 12 minutes and 29 seconds, she mentions her miscarriage. Our conversation may or may not trigger emotions for parents who have recently experienced the loss of a child. We do discuss the response Sarah’s friend is receiving on social media after the death of her teenage daughter, and we offer ways to comfort grieving parents. If you wish to skip this portion of the podcast, go to 26 minutes and 19 seconds.

Books Mentioned in Podcast:
Life Reboot: An Inner Wisdom Guide to Finding Your Passion and Purpose*
Guided by Love: A Journey through Duality*

Author, international speaker and leadership coach, Sarah Wall uses a strengths-based approach to empower the next generation of leaders. Discover more about Sarah at sarahwallwriter.com.

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