Aligning with Your Audience

Episode #008

Guest Speaker ~ Crystal Cockerham 

“You could write the most beautiful piece of work ever, but if it doesn’t match the audience that’s going to pick up that book, it’s not going to be received with the intention you’re giving it. At the end of the day, it isn’t about what I know, experienced, or who I am. It’s about what they read and need in that moment.”

– Crystal Cockerham

Crystal Cockerham, author and spiritual mentor, is one very productive young woman. I felt blessed to have her join me in the virtual Pen to Paper Press Podcast studio. For this conversation, the line of questions were presented to me in a different format than normal. On the morning of the interviews, I tune in to my heart and allow the questions and topics to write themselves onto the document.

What I love about my conversation with Crystal is her openness, flexibility to roll with whatever topic was brought up, and the wisdom she shared. We began by talking about her guided mediations and the accompanying journal she developed. Our conversation gracefully transitioned into the various collaboration book projects she’s participated in. I shook things up when I brought up the retreats she offers. You are going to love the animal spirit wisdom (message) she received during the call. The timing was incredible!

Pour yourself a mug of hot tea and listen as Crystal and I speak about journals, women’s spiritual retreats, and her “old school” method for getting the first draft down on paper. And, Spirit has a powerful message for Crystal near the end of our conversation! Enjoy!

Book Mentioned in Podcast:
Awaken Your Divine Wisdom: A Guided Journal Expedition to Explore Your Universe & Decode Its Secrets, written by Crystal Cockerham

Book Colaborations:
Dance of the Women’s Souls, by Conscious Creators Publishing (2019)

Kindness Crusader, compiled by Kim Richardson (2019)

My Journey My Journal, compiled by Viki Winterton (2018)

The Path of the Sacred Feminine, by Conscious Creators Publishing (2020)

Radical Self-Love, compiled by Lori Ann Davis & Laura Menze (2020)

SHINE!: Stories to Dream Big, Fear Less and Blaze Your Own Trail, compiled by Linda Joy (2018)

Soul-Hearted Living: A Year of Sacred Reflections & Affirmations for Women, compiled by Dr. Debra Reble (2018)

2020 Inspirational Almanac, by Conscious Creators Publishing (2019)

365 Days of Self Love, compiled by Kim Richardson (publishing soon)

International Best-Selling Author, Certified Red Tent Facilitator, & Spiritual Mentor, Crystal Cockerham works with awakened, empathic women to unlock the shackles of pain, shame and self-condemnation so they can reclaim their sovereignty and liberate themselves from the world’s perceptions and become the women they are truly meant to be so they can live a connected, joy-filled life. Visit to learn more. Facebook: Feminine Wisdom Keepers and Facebook: Wisdom Awakens

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