Revealing the Journey

Episode #007

Guest Speaker ~ Nancy Fairbrother 

“’People want to know who they are spiritually; and they want to know nothing is wrong with them.”
– Nancy Fairbrother

Numerology is one of those topics that either intrigues people or makes them very uncomfortable. I was blessed with the opportunity to sit with Nancy Fairbrother, MA, and explore how numerology provides insight and understanding.

Nancy is a retired soul-centered psychotherapist and author of Who are You? What are You Doing Here? Where are You Going? When asked why she wrote the book, she said, “A part of my reason for writing this book was to introduce people to the practicality of occult science.”

Since this is a podcast for writers by writers, Nancy and I talked about her method of compiling the information as she did the research and wrote her book. If there is one take away I hope to relay in through this podcast is: how you write is how you write. It’s okay. You don’t have to follow someone else’s strategy or technique unless it resonates with you. Some people work better with structured outlines while other prefer the war-room method using index cards and sticky notes spread out across the floor and taped to the walls.

After our fascinating conversation, I purchased a copy of Nancy’s book. Somewhere buried in my home on wheels (aka my camper), is another book on numerology that I picked up a while back. I was curious. Would I get the same results? Would the two methods be similar? With my chart complete, I didn’t need to find the other book. I resonated with the results I received from Nancy’s book there was no need to do the comparison.

Pour yourself a mug of tea and listen in as Nancy and I speak about spirituality, understanding our challenges, and the unique process she used to write her book. Enjoy!

Book Mentioned in Podcast:
Who Are You? What Are You Doing Here? Where Are You Going?*

Nancy Fairbrother is a retired soul-centered psychotherapist with a background in metaphysics and spiritual development. She wrote a book that helps people create the life they were born to live through two unique processes. The first process reveals your life purpose in two hours or less, and the second process shows you how to instantly eliminate the limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

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