Writing Lessons with a Sense of Humor

Episode #005

Guest Speaker ~ Allen Klein

“There is something about writing. It’s like a piece of clay and sculpting it to the way I want it to look. When I get those words, ideas, paragraphs, and even the sentences the way I want it, I often get a gut feeling this is the best way I want to say it. And then it could change because in a week I may feel there’s a better way to say it.”
– Allen Klein

Humor is a gift we give ourselves as a reminder to have fun and not to take life so seriously.

Allen Klein (aka “Mr. Jollytologist”®), best-selling author and speaker, joined me in the virtual Pen to Paper Press Podcast studio to encourage writers to write. The wealth of tips and insights to motivate us to sit down daily and write was more than I could have anticipated.

We spent some time talking about his wife and their heart-breaking experiences. What happened to them reinforced the importance of positive thinking and finding humor in life. As any writer will tell you, we heal when our pen meets the paper and we allow our thoughts and emotions to fill the pages. Not only do our words heal us, but they help others to know they are not alone in their traumatic experiences.

Uncertain of the response, I had to ask if, after publishing thirty books, he still writes a shitty first draft. His response was priceless! He began by saying, “It’s not that bad. It’s not great. It’s not ready for publishing.”

It was fun to wander down memory lane as we talked about cutting and taping our type-written words onto another sheet of paper as a form of editing. Oh, the things we did prior to computers making their way into everyone’s homes.

Without intention, Allen reminded me it’s okay to be my error-full Self. What he gifted me was his humor, kindness, and allowed me to be imperfect (as you will hear). During the editing process, I found the true message neither of us realized during the conversation: We are not supposed to be perfect. Perfection is maddening. Humor keeps us sane.

I could go on and on about our entertaining and educational conversation. (For example: how he decided to go with a publisher versus self-publishing and how he keeps random ideas and inspiration for future books.) Instead I’ll say, “pour yourself a mug of coffee and listen in as Allen and I talk about the importance of having a sense of humor, his writing process, and the role of hospice has in our most painful days.”

Books Mentioned in Podcast:
The Healing Power of Humor*
The Awe Factor: How a Little Bit of Wonder Can Make a Big Difference in Your Life**
Amazon Author Page

**The Awe Factor was named one of the Best Spiritual Books of 2020 by Spirituality & Practice Organization.

Allen Klein (aka “Mr. Jollytologist”®) shows audiences worldwide how to use humor and positive thinking to deal with life’s not-so-funny stuff. He is an award-winning professional speaker and author of 30-plus books including, The Healing Power of Humor, You Can’t Ruin My Day, Positive Thoughts for Troubling Times, Embracing Life After Loss, and, his recently published, The Awe Factor. He is also a TEDx presenter. Learn more at www.allenklein.com.

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