Weaving Stories on Our Own Time Frame

Episode #010

Guest Speaker ~ Nadia Krauss 

“Dreams don’t have a deadline, especially when they come from the heart and soul. Connect to your heart, to your heart’s magnetism of something tugging at you and it won’t let you go.”

– Nadia Krauss

Are you concerned it’s taking too long to write the first draft? Do you feel it’s too messy?

There’s a grand illusion sold to those who are wanting to write a book that a person can sit down to the keyboard and pounds out a best-seller in a matter of days. Any published writer will tell you the gestation period for the books we birth doesn’t happen in a matter of hours, or days. It can take months, years and even decades. The words, unfortunately do not miraculously appear on the blank document. It takes time.

In my conversation with Nadia Krauss, a holistic health coach, we traverse the journey of her first solo book and the Judge she faced while she wrote The Magic of Transformation: Igniting & Manifesting Your Soul Desires.

It was Nadia’s commitment and devotion of continually putting the pen to paper and allowing the natural time frame to birth her book. She shares with us three very important pearls of wisdom: 1) write from the heart, 2) act on the dream, 3) enlist the troops. Her statement, “Each (book) is unique; from messy to message,” resonated on a deep level. That is the perfect description of a messy first draft. When we being the process of weaving the words collected and transforming the material into book format, that’s when the messages jump out and we, the writer, take notice.

If you feel it’s taking you too long to write your book, don’t lose faith. This episode is for you. Listen to the messages Nadia shares and learn from her experiences. She will give you hope. You got this. How do I know? Because, your words have power. Your story matters.

Pour yourself a mug of hot tea and listen to my conversation with Nadia. She is a gifted writer with a lot of wisdom to share. Enjoy.

Book Mentioned in Podcast:
The Magic of Transformation: Igniting & Manifesting Your Soul Desires
The Wisdom of Midlife Woman 2 – by Inspired Living Publishing, LLC

Nadia Krauss is a holistic health coach who helps women to see the importance of the whole to unlock the interconnectedness of its parts for magical transformation – at the level of the body, the mind, the heart, and the spirit. When she is not serving her clients or facilitating positive change, she is cooking up a storm of healthy, nourishing goodness in her kitchen. Connect with her at selfloveleadership.com.

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