Meet A Character Guided Meditation

CK Kochis

Episode #020

Cindy Kochis, Pen to Paper Press Podcast host

“The point is to weave the character’s personality and traits nonchalantly into the story. You want the reader to explore the character’s individuality versus reading a dating site description.”
– Cindy Kochis

How well do you know the characters in the book you are spending countless hours writing?

In this episode I take you on a journey to meet one of your characters through a guided meditation. Guided meditations are wonderful for quieting the mind and focusing on your internal messages.

We begin the guided meditation finding a bistro table in a safe setting. One of the characters in your written project approaches you and asks if they can join you. A conversation begins…

Knowing your character and the focal point of your story will help to prevent writer’s block, keep the story on track and prevent you from wandering down dead end roads as often. It will, in addition, help to keep their traits and personal identifiers consistent.

As mentioned in episode #013 Meet Your Character & Save Time Editing, personal identifiers consist of the detailed information you add to the story allowing the reader to envision the individuals and their enviornment.

To schedule a private, personal guided meditation, click [HERE].

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Pour a glass of water for yourself, grab a journal, and enjoy this week’s podcast and guided meditation.

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CK Kochis, INHC, is writer and multi-passionate entrepreneur. She is currently focusing her energies on hosting the Pen to Paper Press Podcast and guiding writers on their journey of developing the storylines and characters of the books they are writing.

Pen to Paper Press Podcast was created to help writers give voice to their books, writing process, backstory, and share their journey. She has recorded conversations with authors getting ready to publish their first book to a gentleman with his name on thirty-plus book covers to a memoirist to a digital magazine publisher and editor. Each of us has a unique story; an important story. She reminds listeners, “Your words have power. Our story matters.” 

Following her heart and intuitive guidance, Cindy published the first issue of Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine, a digital publication focusing on the various elements of experiencing balance in on our life, in May 2016. Explore the magazine archives at

She shares her sass and transformational journey, along with pearls of wisdom, in her blog at

“Life is an amazing adventure; it was never intended to be lived in gray-scale.” – CK Kochis

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