Month: July 2021

Writing What Needs to be Said

Is there a memoir in your journal entries? Martine Felton joined Cindy Kochis in the podcast studio to share her insights on how she transformed the entries of personal growth in her journal into a memoir. The conversation focus shifted to the differences Martine experienced with writing both a fiction book and a memoir, and what she learned about herself. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy this heartwarming conversation of self-discovery.

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How to Organize Your Time & Manage an Outline

Liz Maritz joined me in the Pen to Paper Press studio to talk about the “terrible” terrier featured in the book she published earlier this year. Our conversation shifted gears and Liz shared her professional insights on project management (Agile & Waterfall methodology), tips for blocking out time and recording audiobooks. Pour yourself a mug of chocolate milk and learn how you can avoid procrastination in this conversation.

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Stepping Through Fear

Stepping outside our comfort zone can cripple the best of us. Fear is one of the main topics Andrea Susan Glass and Cindy Kochis discuss in this podcast episode. Their conversation focuses on fear, why Andrea became a ghostwriter, accountability, hiring professionals, copyediting, marketing, and busting a few myths of writing books. There are plenty of take-aways for first-time writers and those with experience. Pour yourself a tall glass of lemonade and get ready for the pearls of wisdom shared in my conversation with Andrea Glass.

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