How to Organize Your Time & Manage an Outline

Liz Maritz - How to Organize Your Time & Manage an Outline

Episode #024

Guest Speaker ~ Liz Maritz

Breaking the work into digestible tasks (and digestible is different for every person), writing it down, and then allowing yourself to work through those chunks in a controlled manner. That is, in effect, a version of Agile project management.
– Liz Maritz

Being organized and preparing for what’s ahead can be what moves the writing process along with less effort versus wandering wildly on various detours that take us for a longer ride.

In this educational, and humorous, podcast episode, Liz Maritz joins me to talk about her “terrible” terrier, her process for writing, and recording audio books. Liz is an emerging author with a background in process improvement and project management. In addition, she writes and narrates non-fiction and fiction books. In April, she published BrodyMonster: A Perfectionist and the World’s Most Imperfect Terrier.

Our conversation begins with Brody, her lovable terrier, and shifts into goal-setting for writers. It was interesting to listen to Liz switch the topic from goal-setting to avoiding procrastination. That is, after all, what pauses and delays us from writing.

Liz shares her insights on blocking out time; tips for recording podcasts, vocals, and audiobooks; and wisdom as a project management professional. For this episodes, we explored the Agile and Waterfall methodologies and compared them in regard to creating the outline for a written project..

Project Management Frameworks are:
.:. Waterfall Methodology
.:. Agile Methodology
.:. Lean Methodology
.:. Critical Chain Project Management Methodology
.:. Kanban Framework
.:. Scrum Framework
.:. Prince2 Methodology

“Everything in life is a project. These tools can be applied to your book production, and to any project you’re working on. I think a lot of people think project managers as type-A, rigid people. If you are becoming a project manager for the sake of the projects in your life, just realize the very best project managers are those people who appreciate structure and form, and can stray from it when they have to. I think that will be a huge differentiating factor in the completion rates in your books.”
– Liz Maritz

Pour yourself a mug of chocolate milk and enjoy this educational and light-hearted conversation with Liz Maritz.

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Book by Podcast Guest:
BrodyMonster: A Perfectionist and the World’s Most Imperfect Terrier

Liz Maritz is an emerging author with a background in process improvement and project management. Following the birth of her daughter, Liz battled postpartum anxiety, like so many mothers today. She eventually left her corporate management role to stay home with her daughter and her affectionately labeled “terrible” terrier, Brody. Liz now writes and narrates non-fiction and fiction books, and constantly seeks out opportunities to do things she’s never done before. Discover more about Liz at

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