How Will Public Relations Expand Your Audience?

Andrea Pass, Public Relations Consultant

Episode #027

Guest Speaker ~ Andrea Pass

“Public relations is a third party editorial endorsement. It is earned media content because you are not paying a journalist to write about you or to interview you. The journalist has the control over the questions and content that ultimately will be included about you and your book. You need to focus on what the perception is.”
– Andrea Pass

What is the difference between advertising and public relations?

How does an author get noticed by an influential individuals when promoting their book launch?

And, what about that headshot? Is a selfie good enough?

Andrea Pass, a Public Relations Consultant, and I discuss these topics in this week’s Pen to Paper Press Podcast episode to help you distinguish yourself from other authors.

Andrea works with both fiction and non-fiction authors to create and implement media relations campaigns to keep them relevant with interviews and book reviews to drive sales and grow their brands.

I began our conversation by asking Andrea what the difference is between advertising and public relations. She wrapped up her response with this pearl of wisdom: “By someone else saying, ‘You got to read this book; this book is fabulous,’ that will give the background you need to grow your brand.”

No matter the product or service you are promoting, this informative episode will motivate you to step outside your comfort zone to grow your brand and audience. Andrea reminds us, “If you don’t get out there and publicize yourself, then someone else’s book is going to get the recognition and you missed out.”

Pour yourself a cup of decaf coffee and enjoy this informative conversation certain to expand your brand and readership.

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As a public relations professional, Andrea Pass oftentimes works with both fiction and non-fiction authors. She understands the media world and will create and implement media relations campaigns to keep authors relevant with interviews and book reviews to ultimately drive sales and grow their brands. Learn more about the services she offers by visiting her website at

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