Reclaim Your Creativity to Express Your Written Voice

Reclaim your creativity to express your written voice.

Episode #028

Podcast Guests: Andrea Pass, Barb Parcells, Liz Maritz, Martine Felton, Crystal Cockerham, Nadia Krauss, Debby Kevin, and Rachel Kieffer.

“It is our nature to live creatively, and to express our creative selves. When we don’t do that, it usually costs us something in the area of our health.”
– Rachel Kieffer
Your writing style is your brand. To expand on the writing process, we explore clearing our mind to be creative, making the time to write, and planning the content of the book. Often times our books begin as a journal entry; listen to what goes onto the pages. We discuss the topic editing and the role of editors. Reclaim your creativity. Be creative for the purely for the joy of it. Your words have power. Your story matters.

Pour yourself a mug of steamy hot tea and listen to my conversations with:
.: Andrea Pass (episode 027): your voice
.: Barb Parcells (episode 001): monkey mind, meditation, when to write
.: Liz Maritz (episode 024): making time, editing process, project management tools
.: Martine Felton (episode 025): journaling, reasons to write a memoir
.: Crystal Cockerham (episode 008): writing process, sacred space, value of handwriting
.: Nadia Krauss (episode 010): writing process, elements of a book, editing, bringing in the troops
.: Debby Kevin (episode 018): who do you think you are, tribe, self-confidence to write, developmental editor, trusting your gut
.: Rachel Kieffer (episode 021): believe in yourself, reclaim your creativity, creativity affects mental health, do it for the joy of doing it.

Listen to more conversations about our inner critic.

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Podcast music by Joseph McDade

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