How Dogs Lead You Back to Self

Michael Overlie

Episode #033

Guest Speaker ~ Michael Overlie

“Your dog is trying to lead you back to you. You’ve been here the whole time; you just couldn’t remember who you are.”
– Michael Overlie

When I read the title of Michael Overlie’s book (on bookshelves this fall), Let Your Dog Lead, I wanted to know more. Michael, an author and coach, joined me in the Pen to Paper Press Podcast virtual studio to talk about three of our favorite things: dogs, writing, and guiding individuals to live a healthier lifestyle.

Our conversation began with his ability to communicate with animals since he was a child and then shifted to why he wrote his book. We shared an array of stories and lessons we’ve learned from our four-legged companions. Dogs (pets in general) have a unique role. They help us enjoy life, focus on the present moment, and extend unconditional love without judgment.

Pour yourself a cup of coffee, step outside with your dog, and enjoy listening our motivational conversation that will help you find the inspiration to write.

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Michael Overlie has been able to deeply connect with animals since he was a small child. Now, as an author, coach, energy healer and happiness guide, he shares what is possible for others. His mission is to help men create a life of purpose through the teachings and love of their dogs. Learn more about Michael’s services at

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