Money Mindset, Fear, & Aligning with Our Woo

Aligning with your woo

Episode #40

Guest Speaker ~ Victoria Sexton

“In my book, I talk about mindset and the woo. I have a strong financial background and I’ve worked in finance for a long time. It’s really good to have an actual plan that you’re going to follow. Most of us know what we’re supposed to do, but we don’t do it. I think that’s where the woo comes in. Any way you can support yourself in taking these action steps then that’s what you should do. Your life, your money, can be anything you want it to be.”
– Victoria Sexton

What a wild ride it’s been! This is the 40th episode of Pen to Paper Press Podcast. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to speak with so many talented and brilliant authors, editors, and publishers. Our words have power. Our stories matter!


How do you feel about money?

Do you believe you can attract more abundance (not just money) into your life with a bit of woo?

If you answered yes to that last question, you are going to love this giggle-inspiring, fun-loving, and educational podcast episode.

Victoria Sexton is a financial coach, the bestselling author of Effortless Money: How to Align Your Wealth and Your Woo, the founder of Align Wealth Coaching, and host of The Don’t Play With Trash podcast. After spending years of working in finance, and still not feeling confident about her money, she discovered her own secret sauce and shares a splash of it with us.

The idea of having a financial coach in the podcast studio was exciting. I knew we would explore money mindsets and how affirmations can shift our thinking. That’s obvious. What I was not anticipating was Victoria’s response when I asked her about her writing process. While listening, I knew in a heartbeat she was going to set many writers free from the “this is how it’s supposed to be done” mindset. The one technique she used worked perfectly for her and got the words onto the page. After all, isn’t that what matters?

The topics of our conversion covered unicorns, glitter, and got real serious when we discussed her book editing and publishing experience. Victoria shared how a situation that went awry led her to purchasing her own ISBN’s and what her plans are for the publishing company she unintentionally created. Her determination to do things her way, gifted Victoria the ability to expand how she will be guiding individuals on their money mindset journey. Victoria is an intelligent straight-talker with a grand sense of humor.

It is clear Victoria encourages everyone to be creative with making an income. She reinforced the concept of shifting our thoughts to receiving money is possible. “Don’t stay in the loop of how am I going to pay for this, or I don’t have money for ____,” she said. When we spoke about how she promoted her book to best-seller status, she had me re-think how to promote the 21-Day Writing Intensive program I’m offering.

Pour yourself a mug of pink lemonade and enjoy our educational, giggle-inspiring conversation. It is certain to inspire you to have fun with your money, invite the unicorns into your workspace, and saying affirmation to align with our woo.

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Victoria Sexton is a financial coach, bestselling author, the founder of Align Wealth Coaching, creator of the Effortless Money System and host of The Don’t Play With Trash podcast. After spending years of working in finance and still not feeling confident about her money, she discovered her own secret sauce, combing a money mindset with a straightforward personal finance system. Now she teaches that same system to her clients. You can find out more about her by going to

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