The Best-Selling Author and the Princess Pup

Episode #43

Guest Speaker ~ Vatsala Shukla

“When you start writing, write about something that touches your heart. When you do that, it touches like-minded hearts.”
– Vatsala Shukla

‘Tis the season for counting our blessings, spending time with our loved ones, and feeling a deeper sense of nostalgia.

One true blessing of social media is it has brought the world a little closer. I am grateful for the friendships and working relationships that have evolved and would never have otherwise blossomed. In today’s episode, I speak with a brilliant woman I met in a group thread years ago on Facebook.

Vatsala Shukla is a best-selling author, Change Catalyst, Executive and Career Coach. She has a natural gift of mentoring professionals to achieve their desired career aspirations and authentic life balance. In November, she self-published Miss Coco – The story of a Princess Pup who changed my life forever.

We began our conversation talking about her beloved Miss Coco, who was lovingly nicknamed Princess Pup and she who must be obeyed. Vatsala wrote the story of Miss Coco to honor her dog’s memory and to assist in her grieving process. I was thrilled to learn how quickly her self-published book topped the Amazon charts, and who she feels assisted in its popularity.

It was through our participation in a weekly blog sharing thread that Vatsala and I learned about each other and became friends. She continues to share valuable insights; it’s been a long while since I logged my adventures in blog format. She shares what inspires her topics, how long it takes on average to create each article, and the intended audience of the content.

As the author of eight books, Vatsala has a wealth of knowledge for self-publishing. We talked about her experiences from writing to marketing and the element she enjoys the most.

Pour yourself a mug of chai and enjoy our informational conversation centered around writing from the heart.

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Vatsala Shukla, is a best-selling author, Change Catalyst, Executive and Career Coach who mentors professionals to achieve their desired career aspirations and authentic life balance. Vatsala’s words of wisdom: “I believe that knowledge is power. Everyone should improve themselves and/or business, no matter what stage in life they’re in. Whether it’s to develop a better mindset or to increase profits. Moving forward is key.” Read Vatsala’s blog articles and learn more about her services at and

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