Will Publishing a Book Expand Your Professional Brand?

Michelle Zellner talks about publishing a book

Episode #46

Guest Speaker ~ Michelle Zellner

“When you are being authentic, honest, true to your core and your guiding principles and values, and you’re literally speaking and owning everything (the good, bad, and ugly), that’s how you connect. That is how you become confident in sharing your story.”
– Michelle Zellner

There are countless health and wellness books lining retail shelves and stacked on coffee tables dog-eared to bookmark reference points. It is understandable. We want to feel healthy and be better human beings. But, how do you stand out in the market?

Michelle Zellner is a health and happiness strategist with twenty-five years in the wellness industry. She has informed and inspired thousands on their journeys to becoming better beings and is the best-selling author of YOU Revolution: The Journey of a Better Being. The PFF is Your BFF Handbook: A Simple Guide to Fueling Your Busy Body (December 2021) is her newest follow-up book.

By knowing the content Michelle wanted to write (based on years of coaching clients), and following her professional and personal workflow, she determined when she would be most productive to write YOU Revolution. In this episode, Michelle shares the how she made the time to write within her full schedule and the investments she made to become a best-selling author.

After publishing her first book, Michelle was often asked for book writing advice. Her response typically included two questions: Why do you want to write a book? What do you want to get out of writing a book? These are the same questions she asked herself. She knew the purpose for each of her books. She visualized the desired outcome and set the intention for it to be a natural extension of her business.

In this episode you will gain insights to the importance of investing in the various elements of publishing a book, the writing process that works for her, her take on marketing, and the spikes in book sales she witnessed after each guest speaker event.

Michelle has a powerful presence. You will hear how she gained confidence and a wealth of insightful wisdom. This is a portion of the must-hear messages Michelle shared, “A little bit of advice for people is to know your writing style; know how you best operate. If you are somebody that does need guidance with the actual writing process, then maybe a writing retreat or writing coach is what you would benefit from. If you know how to write, and you need dedicated time and space, maybe book a week in the mountains and lock yourself in the house and get away from all distractions and write. Or you need someone to help you be … [you’ll have to listen to hear the rest of this message]

Pour yourself a mug of lemon water and enjoy our information-packed conversation about investing time, energy, and money in publishing our books.

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Who is Michelle Zellner?
With 25 years in the wellness industry, Michelle Zellner has informed and inspired thousands on their journeys to becoming better beings. The 2019 release of the YOU Revolution: the Journey of a Better Being, shares her proven, practical strategies for true lifestyle change with an even wider audience. Michelle followed up with the PFF is Your BFF Handbook: a Simple Guide to Fueling Your Busy Body, ideal for anyone struggling to make healthy eating a habit. Learn more at betterbeings.net.

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