What Goes Into An Author Page

CK Kochis

Episode #48

Commentary by Cindy Kochis

“Don’t get hung up on perfection. Perfection is crippling. Have fun with it. Be creative. Show your creative mood.”
– Cindy Kochis

Are you a perfectionist? Why do I ask? Perfectionism is one of those things that gets brought up in conversations centered on creating.

The focus in this episode is on designing an author page for your book. Your author page is important and is something that gets mentioned from time-to-time on this podcast, with clients, and during the Pen to Paper Writer Circle group sessions.

A common resistance to creating the page is, “What goes on the page?” But, designing the page is not the real issue. There is a hesitation to place the content on the website because of the belief it has to be perfect or look like someone else’s well-choreographed page that, interestingly enough, the individual cannot actually describe what it looks like. Why? Because it’s not the real issue.

Another thing that comes up in the conversation is their doubt of being a “real” author. There are insecurities of the webpage looking lame or unprofessional. How will people interpret the book and will they qualify the book as being a worth their time and money?

Perfection is crippling. Have fun with your promoting your book. Be creative. Show your creative mood!

Pour yourself a mug of tea and discover what actually goes into an author page in this episode of Pen to Paper Press Podcast.

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Who is Cindy Kochis?
CK Kochis, INHC, is writer and multi-passionate entrepreneur. She is currently focusing her energies on hosting the Pen to Paper Press Podcast and guiding writers on their journey of developing the storylines and characters of the books they are writing.

Pen to Paper Press Podcast was created to help writers give voice to their books, writing process, backstory, and share their journey. She has recorded conversations with authors getting ready to publish their first book to a gentleman with his name on thirty-plus book covers to a memoirist to a digital magazine publisher and editor. Each of us has a unique story; an important story. She reminds listeners, “Your words have power. Our story matters.” 

Following her heart and intuitive guidance, Cindy published the first issue of Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine, a digital publication focusing on the various elements of experiencing balance in on our life, in May 2016. Explore the magazine archives at elementsforahealthierlife.com/the-archives.

She shares her sass and transformational journey, along with pearls of wisdom, in her blog at ckkochis.com.

“Life is an amazing adventure; it was never intended to be lived in gray-scale.” – CK Kochis

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