What Are Your Core Values?

Michael Schoettle

Episode #54

Guest Speaker ~ Michael Schoettle

“I am very interested in people’s life and how they evolve.”
– Michael Schoettle, author of Career Change Guide

Michael Schoettle, author of Career Change Guide: Taking the right path could make all the difference, is a natural storyteller. Weaved within his stories, Michael talked about the importance of how our culture and life circumstances affects our core values.

Our conversation began with foundation of Michael’s work history to provide us an understanding of how his career influenced the content of his book. I enjoyed listening to his experiences in the Olympics and how he used it as lesson of staying in the moment and focusing on a desired outcome.

If you are looking for a job, or a career change, Michael offers insights to help you on this journey. Michael said, “Going into an interview, prepare yourself, and understand who they are.” The list of questions he offered and the ideas for learning about the company are beneficial.

In this episode, you will learn:
.:. What is the most common way people find out about job opportunities.
.:. What questions to ask during a job interview.
.:. The difference between selling, promoting, and marketing your book.
.:. How many times he edited the Career Change Guide.
.:. Who helped him tighten the content (and why).
.:. Why he chose Amazon to publish his book.
.:. Why Michael did not receive an Olympic medal.

Pour a mug of coffee for yourself and enjoy listening to our entertaining and insightful conversation.

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Who is Michael Schoettle?
Career Change Guide’s author, Michael Schoettle, uses his experience, showing how people get jobs and the importance of being both qualified for the job and fitting well with the values and culture of the people where they work. Michael has a B.A. from Yale University and an MBA from Harvard University and was a U.S. Naval Officer for three years. Explore the possibilities of career change at careerchange.guide.

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