Does Forgiveness Mean to Forget?

Lisa Drennon talks about forgiveness.

Episode #56

Guest Speaker ~ Lisa Drennon

“We are not meant to live this life focused on negative; focused on unforgiveness; focused on the bad stuff. We are meant to live, flourish, and to live in abundance. We are meant to enjoy every moment, because tomorrow is not promised. If you think about how important our breath is; the breath of life can be taken in a minute.”
– Lisa Drennon


What is forgiveness? Does it lead to forgetting the situation? Should forgiveness be combined with forgetting?

Most of us carry something, an event, that lurks just inside our personal history that we would be devastated if someone found out about it. There may be a person, or a group of people, that did something you consider unforgivable. How could they do that to me?
We have the choice to forgive. It is a choice. Forgetting is optional. What if it is Self we need to forgive?

I admit, fifteen minutes prior to connecting with Lisa Drennon, the author of Forgiving the Girl Inside: finding balance, freedom, & fun in your life, I was apprehensive of our conversation. To ease my nervousness, I grabbed two Arkansas crystal quartz I mined several years ago and held one in each hand, closed my eyes, and set the intention I would remain open to the flow of our conversation. Lisa and I had spoken previous to the interview and I knew in my heart this was going to be a p-o-w-e-r-f-u-l conversation about a topic I (just like so many) struggle with – self-forgiveness.

Lisa and I talked about the power within our words; the emotion and energy we place on a word to give it value. The meaning of the words we unconsciously say do have an impact on Self and the person before us. Whether we know it or not, an intention is being set. When we begin defining the words we nonchalantly state, how we verbalize shifts to be a clearer representation of what we intend to communicate.

Every single one of us has done something we are not proud of or have a secret, or both. The information, guidance, and techniques Lisa shares will help you to shift perceptions and reveal what needs to be healed. Most importantly, she provides us with ways for us to forgive ourself and others.

Weaved throughout this episode is Lisa’s experience of writing Forgiving the Girl Inside. She shares her writing process along with what thoughts and beliefs she revealed while writing the first draft. It was interesting to hear how Lisa transformed the content to not blame, but to heal.

In this Pen to Paper Press Podcast episode, you will hear:
.:. The definition of forgiveness.
.:. Does forgiveness mean forgetting?
.:. What led Lisa to cry out to God, “Enough! I can’t take this anymore.”
.:. Tools Lisa used to change her mindset.
.:. Techniques to help you forgive Self and others.
.:. The impact of our words on Self (mirror-work).
.:. Who were the initial people she wrote about in the first draft of her book?

Forgiveness is not forgetting; it is the process of releasing the hold it has on us. Will you take the challenge to shift your mindset?

“When you appreciate yourself, you can move mountain.”

Pour a mug of soothing chamomile tea for yourself and listen to this heart-centered conversation.

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Who is Lisa Drennon?
Lisa Drennon was born and raised in Rochester, New York. She is the author of Forgiving the Girl Inside: finding balance, freedom, & fun in your life and founder of Divine Timing Ministries, a safe place for women seeking post-abortion care. As a Mindset Business Strategist, she helps ambitious Christian women entrepreneurs transform the vicious cycle of self abuse into joy and peace by trusting God as their CEO and truly mastering self-forgiveness. Learn more about Lisa’s journey at

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