This Writer’s Journey: How is an Outline Beneficial

Willie James and I

Episode #58

Commentary by Cindy Kochis

“Here’s the dilemma for those of us who thrive on being organized and yet our writing style is Pantser. Pantser: the writers who writes by the seat of their pants. No plan. No map. No navigation device. A pantser sits down at the keyboard or note book and writes what comes to them.
– Cindy Kochis

The Writer’s Journey. Are you wandering the creative path?

While I was producing last week’s podcast episode, it brought forth how out of alignment I am with the book project I mentioned. It was also very clear I didn’t offer any kind of solution. If anything, I danced around the idea of offering any kind of solution while hugging my poor dead plant from Texas. Which by the way, is still sitting on the plant stand next to the desk I am currently using.

The focus of this episode is one of the solutions: outlines. You will hear me chat about:
.:. What is a “pantser”.
.:. The mantra I’m not proud of.
.:. The benefits of having an outline.
.:. Is it important to be flexible with an outline.
.:. Questions to ask yourself when you begin laying out the foundation to the storyline.
.:. The importance of consistency.

“Everything in life is a project. These tools can be applied to your book production, and to any project you’re working on. I think a lot of people think project managers as type-A, rigid people. If you are becoming a project manager for the sake of the projects in your life, just realize the very best project managers are those people who appreciate structure and form, and can stray from it when they have to. I think that will be a huge differentiating factor in the completion rates in your books.”
– Liz Maritz, episode #024 How to Organize Your Time & Manage an Outline

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Pour a mug of green tea for yourself and explore how an outline is beneficial on your favorite podcast app. Until next time, remember that your words have power. Your story matters.

Bye for now.

Listen to more conversations about outlines.

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