How an Author is Destined to be a Butterfly

Stephanie Miller author of Butterfly Blueprint

Episode #60

Guest Speaker ~ Stephanie Miller

“We are not destined to be a caterpillar. We are destined to be a butterfly.”
– Stephanie Miller

Every author faces a moment when the blank page becomes, metaphorically speaking, a locked door. How many times have you tried to do everything in your power to turn the handle or slam against the door that is not meant to be opened in this moment?

The locked door is one of many metaphors shared in this Pen to Paper Press Podcast episode. My conversation with Stephanie Miller focused on how a writer, much like a caterpillar, transforms into an author (butterfly). I cannot think of a better example of explaining the stages of our written projects.

Stephanie is a brilliant young woman, wife, mother of two children, writing and spiritual growth coach, author, and speaker. She is the author of The Butterfly Blueprint: How to Renew Your Mind and Grow Your Faith and is writing another book.

Writer’s block. What is it? When faced with resistance, there is an element of you that is beckoning to be explored. One way we can do this is by journaling. It helps to clear our mind, develop the storyline, and (of course) release lingering emotions at the root of the writer’s block.

In this Pen to Paper Press Podcast episode, you will hear:
.:. Who inspired Stephanie to journal, and if she journals on a regular basis.
.:. Does Stephanie prefer structure when writing her books?
.:. How to move through our stuck-ness when the words do not come forth when writing.
.:. What to do when we grasp the handle of a locked door.
.:. Whether she recommends writers self-edit when writing the first draft.
.:. Easy ways to market products, services, and books organically.

Pour a mug of lavender lemon tea for yourself and enjoy our light-hearted conversation about trusting the natural journey of becoming a published author.

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Who is Stephanie Miller?
Stephanie Miller is a writing and spiritual growth coach, author and speaker. Her coaching ministry, Butterfly Beginnings focuses on helping individuals grow spiritually by recognizing that creative process is also a spiritual process. She has authored and co-authored several books including her book, The Butterfly Blueprint: How to Renew Your Mind and Grow Your Faith. When she is not chasing her two children around, she enjoys coffee with friends, and reading. Learn more at

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