Turn Your Book into Gold

Tayna Miller, speaker and author

Episode 63

Guest Speaker ~ Tanya Miller

“When it comes to a title, in addition to the cover of your book, they are the first things that people see and read. I want a title that not only tells you what you’re going to be reading about, but helps you to feel what you’re going to read.”
-Tanya Miller

Tanya is an author, motivation speaker, certified life coach, and strategist with a passion for helping people live life unapologetically with purpose. Tanya published her first novel and an accompanying journal from her Mind Matters project, in addition to two more projects: Things My Mama Said and The Pro Series. The Motivated Effort project is going to be released later in the year.

Our conversation begins while she is in a medical exam room and ends with her in the passenger seat of a vehicle. It is clear Tanya does not allow too much to stop her from doing what she loves – motivating people to live life with purpose.

In this Pen to Paper Press Podcast episode, you will hear:
.:. Who taught her how to be a confident woman.
.:. What is Tanya’s writing mode? Can it help you to write your first draft?
.:. Is it wise to “nitch down” to a single services?
.:. Ideas on how you can earn more money with your book.
.:. Ways to market your book (services and products).
.:. Why she creates an accompanying workbook with each book she publishes.
.:. Which publishing company she uses and why?
.:. The line of questions that put me in the hot seat of how I was promoting my services.
.:. Why she was at the medical facility, and what all the extra noises are in the background.

Pour a mug of lemon ginger tea for yourself and enjoy this motivational conversation with Tanya Miller.

A personal note: I learned another lesson on never assume last week. When Tanya Miller said something like, “Cindy, can you speak up. I’m having a difficult time hearing you,” I should have explored the WHY. Instead, I assumed she couldn’t hear me because she was in a medical exam room. I assumed wrong… so very wrong.

Before you listen to this episode, I have to let you know one of my worst fears happened. I was devastated when I uploaded the audio file and found the sound waves so far off balance; it caused my heart to pause. I held my breath and hit the play button while begging, “Oh God, please, please, please let me hear my voice.” My vocals barely created a ripple on that daunting line. And then, my techie-I-can-fix-this mindset when to work. The end result of edit is okay (kinda sorta). It’s not perfect. But there is no way Tanya and I could replicate what we unpacked. The flow was natural, sincere, and powerful!

Tanya is a brilliant young woman and deserves your time. She shared a tremendous amount of information on how to turn our books into gold and motivated me to take action. Tanya is a powerful motivator. Again, she deserves time on stage.

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Who is Tanya Miller?
Tanya Miller is a certified life coach with over eighteen years’ experience working with youth, young adults, and women throughout the community and in ministry to pursue purpose, passion, and destiny. Tanya has been the voice behind her blog Talking with Tanya that provides daily motivation, inspiration, and encouragement to help you fit the puzzle pieces of life together. Learn more about her at tanyajmiller.com/.

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