The Wisdom Two Podcasters Gain
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Landis Wade

Episode #61

Guest Speaker ~ Landis Wade

“Writers write to be read.”
– Landis Wade

What motivated a recovering lawyer to shift his attention from the courtroom to writing three books focused on saving Christmas and a book possibly exposing plagiarism on well-know document?

Landis Wade is the author of Deadly Declarations, The Christmas Heist, The Legally Binding Christmas, and The Christmas Redemption.

When Landis joined me in the Pen to Paper Press Podcast virtual studio, I had no idea we would unpack an incredible amount of insights and experiences we gain by interviewing authors on our independent podcast platforms. We both agree, the information shared by fellow authors continues to influence our writing process, how we approach self-editing, evaluate publishing options, and entice the imagination for promoting our written works of art.

The strong desire to understand how and why authors do what they do inspired Landis to create and produce a podcast series for authors by authors. Landis said, “What’s the worst that could happen? No one would listen. It won’t work, but I’d meet some authors.”

In this Pen to Paper Press Podcast episode, you will hear:
.:. What is a recovering attorney? Did Landis retire?
.:. Who Captain Jack is, and his historical role with the Declaration of Independence.
.:. Why Christmas was put on trial.
.:. Fun ways Landis promotes his books.
.:. What is the mantra Landis’ editor says to her clients?
.:. The difference between writing affidavits and character dialog.

Pour a mug of java for yourself and enjoy our educational conversation. The lessons that impact us the most are those told in storytelling. There is much to discover in this episode.

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Who is Landis Wade?
Landis Wade is a recovering trial lawyer, dog and sports lover, host of Charlotte Readers Podcast, speaker, teacher, moderator, fly-fisherman and author of books and stories whose third book —The Christmas Redemption— won the Holiday category of the 12th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards. Follow his journey at and

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