Dare to Publish

Bernadette Bruckner

Episode #64

Guest Speaker ~ Bernadette Bruckner

“Time is now. Just do what you always wanted to do. Not tomorrow. Now! I’m training people for new business, and I always say to them, More than ever, it’s time that you can truly fulfill your dreams. …and, if you have the feeling that you want to write a book? Just write it. Fear is between our ears.”
– Bernadette Bruckner

It is amazing what we can accomplish when we mentally “step out of the way” and write from our heart. When the words flow, and we are in the zone, it’s a good chance you are channeling the content from a divine source. Bernadette and I talk about what it is like to channel the content for her books. When this happens, it is not a time to question where the words and storyline are coming from. Simply write. Get the information on paper.

Trusting the process of channeling can be difficult. Often family members, friends do not accept the content, and, sometimes, parts of society. What happens to the channel when we don’t share the messages we receive?

In this Pen to Paper Press Podcast episode (part one), you will hear:
.:. Why did Bernadette stop jogging?
.:. The number of books has she written and in what languages.
.:. Trust the timing.
.:. How Bernadette decides who will assist with completing each book she writes.
.:. Is Bernadette writing a new health care system?
.:. As an introvert, how did her near-death experiences impact her writing?
.:. Was it an easy decision for Bernadette to create her own publishing company?
.:. Does Amazon have a good reputation in Austria?

In part two, the topic of Covid-19 naturally came into the conversation when we began talking about the health care system. What I said about why there is a resistance to changing our mindset rolled off my tongue. It was clear, I channeled the insight, Here is what I saids, “…because it’s familiar; because they know what to expect. When we change our mindset, our expectations cannot be the same as they were yesterday. Yet, what do we so badly want? We want things to be familiar. We want to know what to expect. When we walk on foot in front of the other in complete darkness, all we have to do is open up our eyes and see we light our own way.“ I cannot think of anyone who needed to hear that message more than myself. Wow. I love when that happens. [View When We Change Our Mindset video]

In this Pen to Paper Press Podcast episode (part two), you will hear:
.:. Did Covid-19 bring “blessings”.
.:. In what way does Bernadette feel Covid-19 had a positive impact at a global level.
.:. What has the past several years taught us?
.:. What is fear? What is the reason of fear?
.:. The mother-child bond in life and death.
.:. Is it possible to build an empire with one book?
.:. Whether or not she always want to be a writer.
.:. Trust that the right people are coming at the right time.

Dare to publish. You never know who you can inspire and the lives you’re impacting with your story.

Pour a mug of chai tea for yourself and enjoy this motivational conversation about trust with Bernadette Bruckner. Dare to publish your books.

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Who is Bernadette Bruckner?
Bernadette Bruckner is internationally active as a holistic trainer in health, nutrition and mental health, and working on a PhD in “Health framing”. She is the award-winning author of First Aid for the Soul: A First-Aid Kit for Psychological Self-Help (German and English), Marketing Impulse of Tomorrow (German), Disrupt Everything (German and English), Chill-in Instead of Burn-out (three languages), and more. Learn more about her at LeanHealth4Business.com (German) and bernadettebruckner.com.

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