Stepping Over Distractions and the Sacred Space to Write

Carrie Knowles, Author

Episode 66

Guest Speaker ~ Carrie Knowles

“If you are a character-driven author, the character has to have faults. If they don’t have faults, they can’t get better. … You are always trying to move your character to a better state of grace.”
– Carrie Knowles

Where do you go to write? Do you have a sacred space, or do you move the dishes and stuff left unattended on the dining room table to the side to create a big enough space to crack open the laptop? No matter where we go, there will be distractions.

My conversation with Carrie Knowles, award-winning author and educator, began with how her studio came to fruition. The insights Carrie shared on how to handle distractions were priceless. For example, and offered this gem, “If you’re going to work at home, it’s stepping over the laundry.”

An issue many authors contend with is feeling the need to defend what they do. Carried said it well when she stated, “If you’re a writer, you really don’t have that many people you can talk about your writing to because 99.9% of the world doesn’t understand (including your mother). [She] doesn’t understand why you’re still working on that book. ‘Why are you still working on that book, or have we moved to another book? What’s going on here?'” Those types of questions become the breading ground of doubt and ammunition for the inner critic about whether writing is a real job.

In this Pen to Paper Press Podcast episode, you will hear:
.:. The importance of stepping over your laundry on the way to the office.
.:. Can writing be your day job?
.:. The difference between a character-driven and plot-driven author.
.:. The one question she asks college students who inquire about becoming a writer.
.:. Why the word “dead” is in deadline.
.:. The best place to do your research (and it’s not the internet).
.:. The Door of Hope, and how it relates to Carrie’s family history.
.:. How long it took her to realize it was necessary to kill one character in a chapter.
.:. How it is possible to not feel the shame of not wanting to write their way.
.:. The backstory to several of her books.

Pour a mug of fresh lemonade for yourself and enjoy this educational and entertaining conversation.

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Who is Carrie Knowles?
Carrie Knowles is an award-winning artist, an author with a passport the size of a library, and is passionate about guiding and teaching writers on their creative path. She writes both non-fiction and fiction books, and was named the North Carolina Piedmont Laureate for Short Fiction in 2014. Carrie’s latest book, Shifting Forward, is a collection of essays from her column in Psychology Today. Take a captivating journey into the not-so-ordinary lives of her characters across the globe at

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