Writing from Life Experiences

Marvin Levine

Episode #65

Guest Speaker ~ Marvin Levine

“You know after you sit down, write something, and go back to it if it’s really good or is not good. It just wasn’t good until it was good.”
– Marvine Levine

Writing has the healing power to help us make sense of a traumatic event. It’s a way for us to sort our emotions and evaluate our thoughts. This has been how I have gotten through the heartbreaks I have experienced. How about you?

In my conversation with Marvin Levine, he shares how a family member’s emotional experience got his creative juices flowing. What began as words of encouragement to his stepdaughter transformed into his book titled: The Broken Wire.

Marvin has always had a creative streak. I found the gem of insight on the About page of his website: In the second grade, I wrote poetry, much to the astonishment of my mother and grandmother. In my twenties, I learned to play guitar and wrote several songs. I guess I thought of myself as the next Bob Dylan, until I realized I couldn’t sing. Still can’t sing.

In this Pen to Paper Press Podcast episode, you will hear:
.:. Whose divorce inspired him to write a book.
.:. Are you emotionally embedded in the books you write?
.:. What happens when an author does not promote their book.
.:. What he feels is the reason he initially failed as an author.
.:. The action steps Marvin is taking to promote his books.
.:. Will he write a romance novel or continue writing suspense thrillers?
.:. Whether Marvin considers his writing a hobby or business.
.:. If one book takes place in an actual home or is it a fictional house.
.:. The items Marvin and I enjoy finding on the shores of the ocean.

Pour a mug of coffee for yourself and enjoy this inspiring conversation.

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Who is Marvin Levine?
Marvin Levine is a fiction writer from Beverly, Massachusetts, a town on the North Shore of Boston. He is the author of three published books called The Broken Wire, Clairvoyance Rain, and his latest, A Trail of Vengeance (April 5, 2022). Levine currently resides in Pawley’s Island, South Carolina, where he is an active member of the SC literary community. A Trail of Vengeance takes place in the Lowcountry, where Levine loves to live and write. Learn more at marvinlevine.com.

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