Becoming a Ghostwriter

Jennifer Locke, Ghostwriter

Episode #69

Guest Speaker ~ Jennifer Locke

“It is an act of love to write a book. Anything that requires that much of your focused attention, you have to love it.”
– Jennifer Locke

Has the idea of writing a book for someone ever crossed your mind? What would it be like to be a ghostwriter? How would you begin?

I’ve always had an interest in writing a story for someone who had no desire to write it themself. When my grandmother was alive, I asked her to enter memories of her childhood and what it was like to live on the farm in a journal. I was learning about recording oral histories (mentioned in my conversation with Ruth Little) and fell in love with the idea of the possibility of writing her story. She could not understand why I would want to write about something of uneventful. “Life was hard. Why would you want to write about that?”

When approached by a gentleman to write a real-life murder mystery with an unbelievable conspiracy, I panicked. How do I write for someone else? Will it read like I wrote it? What are my responsibilities? Would I be able to compose the content so it read with their voice? Would the people (who the book was about) retaliate against me – the ghostwriter?

You can imagine the curiosity I had when the opportunity presented itself to talk with a sought-after ghostwriter. Jennifer Locke, ghostwriter and writing coach, joined me in the Pen to Paper Press virtual podcast studio to talk about her experiences.

Jennifer is an incredibly intelligent young woman and possesses a wealth of insight.

In this Pen to Paper Press Podcast episode, you will hear:

.:. The questions she asks her clients in order to write their books.
.:. If the ghostwriter is responsible for hiring the editor and publisher, or is it the responsibility of the client?
.:. How Jennifer writes in the voice of the client so the book reads as though the client wrote the book themself.
.:. The work-from-home writing gig she had after the birth of her twins.
.:. How she plans to publish her own fiction books.
.:. Insight on how to be a better writer.
.:. When a person may want to consider hiring a ghostwriter versus tackling the task.
.:. Type of clients Jennifer works with to bring their books to the stage.

Pour a mug of iced tea for yourself and enjoy this thought-provoking conversation. Whose book will you be writing?

Who is Jennifer Locke?
Jennifer Locke is a professional ghostwriter and author coach for nonfiction authors who want to up-level their thought leadership with a book. Her clients have been published by major publishers and reached global audiences. Jennifer helps authors write unforgettable, world-changing books by helping them identify their perfect-fit message, told as only they can tell it. Discover more at

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