The Stories Writers Tell Themselves

Judy James, author of "Out of Hiding; Finding the Courage to be Me"

Episode #68

Guest Speaker ~ Judy James

“I never felt more myself than when I sit and write.”
– Judy James

Taking the time to just be is an activity many of us shlep off, thinking we’ll get to that when we have the time. What is it we are afraid of finding when we look inward? Why do we “hide” our true self from Self?

Judy James has spent forty-two years standing behind her clients as their hairdresser. She’s heard it all. As an empath, she did what most empaths do and took on much of what her clients were feeling and took on those emotions as her own. In Out of Hiding, Judy shares her experiences and inspires us to explore who we are and to “share the magic we came here to share”.

In this Pen to Paper Press Podcast episode, you will hear:
.:. The story of how Judy gained the title as an inspirationalist.
.:. Whether writing a book was something she hoped to do one day.
.:. Who she wrote her book for.
.:. At what point of the book writing/publishing process did Judy claim, “I am a writer.”
.:. Several examples of why we are in deep fear of our greatness.
.:. About Judy’s writing process.
.:. Judy’s pearls of wisdom on love and fear.
.:. What she has tattooed on her wrists and the backstory.

Pour a mug of iced tea for yourself and enjoy this inspirational conversation about trusting our intuition and getting out of our own way.

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Who is Judy James?
Judy James is the best-selling author Out of Hiding; Finding the Courage to be Me and co-author of 52 Weeks of Gratitude Journal. She is a speaker, Reiki Master, and an inspirationalist who is passionate about connection, growth, learning, and teaching. She strives to live intentionally from a place of love and help others to do the same through her teaching and guidance. Judy believes that when we change, the world changes. Discover how she is making a difference to the lives of others at

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