Aligning with Divine Creativity

Crystal Cockerham

Episode #71

Guest Speaker ~ Crystal Cockerham

“I can do this thing. Right? I got this. In any creative… Whether it’s this, a podcast or a meditation or writing an article or writing a chapter for a book or writing a book, it’s really taking yourself out of the way and aligning with the birth of what you’re creating so that it can come through.”
– Crystal Cockerham

Do you have a person in your life that just gets you? She can call out your bullshit when necessary and can inspire you to be a better person all in one conversation? That person, for me, is today’s podcast guest. I would love to introduce you to Crystal Cockerham.

Crystal has a creative soul and a natural way of guiding women on their divine feminine journey. The first time she joined me in the Pen to Paper Press podcast studio was March 2021. Episode eight, Aligning with Your Audience, brought forth a memorable conversation and the animal messages she received reinforced our conversation.

There are elements of this conversation that can be considered a coaching session for me. Crystal, in all her brilliance, got me to share where I am with various projects. During the editing process of the audio file, I hand wrote a bit of wisdom she expressed to me. It will serve as a reminder and motivation to keep going. She said, “It sounds like what you’re doing is you’re putting together a process of your trials and errors and things that have worked for you and things that don’t work for you because they’re going to work for those people who are going to be taking your course.” Now I need to come up with, and create, a course to share with y’all. I guess this is where I write – stay tuned.

Crystal Cockerham is the author of Awaken Your Divine Wisdom and co-author of over ten collaborative books. In August, Crystal released her Goddess Collection jewelry line. She is a Certified Red Tent Facilitator and spiritual mentor.

In this Pen to Paper Press Podcast episode, you will hear:
.:. The animal sign that Crystal received in episode eight.
.:. What it means to allow divine timing.
.:. How she writes the first draft of written projects.
.:. How divine alignment manifested an artistic collaboration to develop the Goddess Collection jewelry line.
.:. How to learn the patterns that work better for you.
.:. Tips for staying focused on writing.
.:. Ways to come into your own alignment as a creator.
.:. Managing your energies, and asking, “What do I want?”
.:. Who is the faithful general?

Pour a mug of rose tea for yourself and enjoy this insightful episode to get you into alignment with your creativity.

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Who is Crystal Cockerham?
International Best-Selling Author, Certified Red Tent Facilitator, and Spiritual Mentor, Crystal Cockerham works with awakened, empathic women to unlock the shackles of pain, shame and self-condemnation so they can reclaim their sovereignty and liberate themselves from the world’s perceptions and become the women they are truly meant to be so they can live a connected, joy-filled life. Visit to learn more. Facebook: Feminine Wisdom Keepers and Facebook: Wisdom Awakens.

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