Reading Your Words

You worked hard to compose the first draft, and you’re ready to take it to the next level. Together, we will go beyond finding spelling errors, locating extra spaces between words, misaligned paragraphs, and other elements that create an inconsistent look and feel to the project.

Verify storyline, voice, and message consistency
Assist the storyline to develop
Suggest edits to the content

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Developmental Editing

Each writer’s process is unique. The Developmental Editing package is a custom fit to the author’s specific situation.

.: One reading of the manuscript looking for story cohesion
.: 60-minute conversation post-edits to discuss editor notes and author questions

The focus is on storyline structure to ensure the foundation has been established. This involves point of view, plot, tense, written voice, timelines, locations, and etcetera. You will receive suggestions to deepen the storyline, expand on areas needing more explanation, and red-lined elements that dangle and do not carry its weight.


It’s time to revise the manuscript to improve its readability. The focus is on sentence structure, grammatical and factual errors, clarity of the plot, voice consistency, and stylized use of punctuation and tone.

Copyediting is correcting a manuscript while maintaining the author’s intention and overall message.

Each writer’s timeline is unique. Your Copyediting package will be custom to fit your specific situation. It will include one reading of the manuscript, and a 60-minute conversation post-edits to discuss editor notes and author questions.

Copywriting at a desk
Cindy is much more than an editor; she has been my trustee guide and confidant over the past three years while writing my second book, Guided by Love. Her meticulous attention to detail and suggestions helped me to polish the manuscript into its final version. A highly emotional book for me to write, Cindy encouraged me to dig deeper and to find the strength to share my truth in each chapter. I look forward to working with her again on my next book when the time comes.
Sarah Wall

Author of Guided by Love & ReBoot Your Life

Cindy Kochis

My Approach

You worked hard and spent a tremendous amount of time and energy to write and edit the book you birthed.

I am not someone who can ignore a spelling error, extra spaces between words, or inconsistent formatting.

It is not in me to let spelling and punctuation errors, extra spaces, and formatting issue to go without informing you of my finds. If I find something, you will receive a notification so we can make the corrections. Each package comes with proofreading/editing options.

Discover how can I help you share your story!

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