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The Individual Reader Avatar workbook will lay down a foundation under the scenic trail you are constructing. It will help you carve out sturdy stairs leading to the peak of the mountains. 

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Your writing is phenomenal and I am so happy that you are venturing into creating a community of writers. I have felt the pain of isolation as an online business woman and a writer, Having a weekly writing support group would be heaven.

Rachel Kieffer

Health Nut Girl

Pen to Paper Writers Circle™

Where Writers Meet to Write

Be Your Writing Superhero

Is there a written project you’ve been postponing until you had the time? Do you have questions about how to move forward with your book? Would like to hold yourself accountable with a group of your peers?

A favorite element of the meeting is the dedicated 45-minutes of writing in silence and the follow up conversation.

Join this supportive community for writers, authors, and bloggers to connect, write, and interact.

Registration currently closed.

Be Your Writing Superhero

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