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Let’s Talk About Your Book!

Your words have power. Your story matters.

Writing: it is how we share stories and knowledge, exchange life lessons and wisdom, express our emotions, and tell the tales of our wins and losses.

We are the storytellers, wayshowers, and guides who thrive on helping others on their journey. This is what we do. It is our true essences. And, someone is waiting to hear your voice.

Our podcast conversation will influence writers who are:
  • writing a book, blog posts, magazine articles, collaboration stories.
  • trying to figure out how to get their magazine article accepted,
  • trying like hell to stay motivated…and write!
  • learning how to hone their writing and editing skills,
  • at the point of deciding whether to self-publish or pitch to a publishing company,
  • seeking practical ways to market their written works of art that work,
  • earning a living as a writer,
  • eager to have a better understanding of the process, and more.
Each podcast episode provides the readers, our non-writing audience members, with:
  • the backstory to your book (or role as an editor/publisher),
  • the ability hear your story in your words,
  • your writing process,
  • what inspired you to write the book, and more.

They are curious to know you, hear your voice, and what inspired you to write the book (or provide editing/publishing services).

Expand Your Audience

Podcasts are a great way to reach and expand your audience! As a guest on the Pen to Paper Press Podcast, you will be provided with marketing tools and tips to help promote your podcast. You can achieve these goals by…

  • creating excitement around the upcoming episode featuring YOU with readers, friends, family, and social media followers.
  • embedding the podcast episode in a blog post and/or media page on your website as a promotional tool. It’s a great way for listeners to learn more about you.
  • commenting on the show notes page.
  • commenting on social media posts and the YouTube video.
  • listening to the podcast on your favorite platform. When you rate and comment on other episodes, it shows your audience and fellow guests you are supportive and an active community member.
  • inviting your followers to leave a review on their favorite platform (Apple Podcast, Spotify, etc).
  • committing to promote the podcast on your social media outlets prior to and after the broadcast release.

The intention of the Pen to Paper Press Podcast is to connect writers with writers and the community who love to support writers. This podcast is a great tool for you to market your book and services!

“It takes a village to raise a child. It takes a networking group to help an author. When we stand alone, we are alone. When we stand united, we can conquer anything with our pen in hand!”
– CK Kochis


To say thank you for being a guest of the podcast, the title of your most recent book, business name or product will be mentioned in the introduction. At the conclusion of our conversation, you will be provided an opportunity to share your website url with the listener so they can learn more about you.

Our conversation will be centered on the topic(s) you have selected above.

If your intention is solely to promote the book you’ve written, services you offer, or products, please request the Media Kit for sponsorship and advertising options to find the best solution to fit your needs.

We are a community of writers transforming our experiences into written works of art and supporting each other to develop our skills. Our stories began the moment we placed pen to paper and wrote from the heart. 

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Are You Listening to Your Creative Voice?

Episode #015 Cindy Kochis, Pen to Paper Press Podcast host“What we forget is that creativity is a way for us to let go of thought, stress, decompress, express our internal voice, and so forth. It’s a form of communicating what is deep within. It’s our innate being, the source of Self,...

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I am grateful for the opportunity to share my writing process for Awaken Your Divine Wisdom with Cindy Kochis on the Pen to Paper Press Podcast. We had a great conversation that I’m sure you’ll love.

-Crystal Cockerham,
Podcast Guest
Episode #008

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Thanks so much, Cindy. Your support of me as an interviewee has been exceptional and rewarding.

-Nancy Fairbrother,
Podcast Guest
Episode #007

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“I am grateful for the opportunity to share my writing process for both my books with Cindy at @pentopaperpress

Life Reboot is part memoir, part self-guided coaching manual. Guided by Love is an emotional memoir about love, life and death and how my spirituality got me through the darkest times in my life. The process was very different for each book.

This was the first time I was able to talk publicly about my miscarriage and while it was extremely difficult, I am blessed to have Cindy on my side, as she is such a supportive soul. ❤”

-Sarah Wall,
Podcast Guest
Episode #006

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