Pour your self a mug of tea and listen to my conversations with the podcast guests who joined me in the virtual Pen to Paper Press studio to chat about all things centered around writing, editing, publishing, and marketing their written works of art. Explore the insights ranging from overcoming writer’s block to self-editing to getting books into the hands of readers.

You’ll hear from New York Times best selling authors, writers, editors, folks who know marketing, publishers and those who love the craft of writing. Every episode is an opportunity to learn actionable insights to inspire you to live your dreams.

It’s time. No more pondering the idea. Write ‘that’ book. Your words have power. YOUR story matters!

Which Type of Editor do You Need?

Episode #018 Guest Speaker ~ Deborah Kevin "The role of a gifted developmental editor is to see what’s not being said between the lines. They help identify and pull all that yumminess forward and actually give you something that you say, “I wrote that.” That is the feeling you want to have when...

Who Taught You? A Quick Exploration of the Elements

Episode #017 Cindy Kochis, Pen to Paper Press Podcast host“Why do we fear change? When you observe nature, it is in a constant state of movement, evolving, and going through the various seasons (or cycles of birth, growth, rest, and death).” - Cindy KochisTranscript: Who taught you to love you?...

Researching & Writing the Stories of Ireland

Episode #016 Guest Speaker ~ Nancy Blanton "Writing is a wonderful way to spend time. It’s soul feeding.It’s an act of love whether you have one person reading it or a hundred thousand readers. It is a gift." - Nancy BlantonWhat is it that draws us to write about a specific time period, country,...

Are You Listening to Your Creative Voice?

Episode #015 Cindy Kochis, Pen to Paper Press Podcast host“What we forget is that creativity is a way for us to let go of thought, stress, decompress, express our internal voice, and so forth. It’s a form of communicating what is deep within. It’s our innate being, the source of Self,...

Is an Editor Worth it? And, Exploring if You’re Good Enough.

Episode #014 Cindy Kochis, Pen to Paper Press Podcast host“Ask yourself this: if it’s difficult to read, are you going to continue flipping the pages to reach the end of the book, or are you going to set it down and let it collect dust?” - Cindy KochisTranscript: Hey there, I’m Cindy Kochis. I am...


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“I could relate to many things you and Barbara spoke about. As a new writer (despite being 81) I loved hearing similar experiences.”

Loved Christin’s message. The podcast was awesome. Thanks!

Wow — that’s a lot. As someone who reads and writes mostly non-fiction, I enjoy reading your posts. 

What a great interview. I personally gained some confidence about marketing after listening to her experiences.

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