There is a backstory weaved into each book project. To explore the creative process, I connect with authors, writers, editors, publishers, and an array of creative souls to have a conversation centered on how they developed their stories to completing their works of art. Each episode is an opportunity for us to explore mindsets, pearls of wisdom, and the experiences that began our journey as an author from the moment we put pen to paper.

Creatives have an instinctual need to creative; it is no different for writers. It is a calling from deep within that cannot, and should not, be stifled. We all ask – what do I write, how do I do this, and I doing it right.

Isolation and loneliness is a topics that comes up when speaking to writers. We spend long durations of time alone in our space focused on the writing apparatus. That alone time is both a blessing and a derailleur.

Writers seeking a community who understand the joys and challenges of the writing process, this podcast will encourage you to share the stories only you can pen. We share our personal experiences and insights as a guide to help you, the writer, on your journey. 

You’ll hear from New York Times best selling authors, writers, editors, folks who know marketing, publishers and those who love the craft of writing. Every episode is an opportunity to learn actionable insights to inspire you to live your dreams.

Pour a mug of tea and listen to conversations focused on the art of writing books. Podcast guests visit the virtual Pen to Paper Press studio to chat about all things centered around writing, editing, publishing, and marketing. We explore insights ranging from overcoming writer’s block to self-editing to getting books into the hands of readers.

It’s time. No more pondering the idea. Write ‘that’ book. Your words have power. YOUR story matters!

Decorating a Boat & Paintings in a Book

Episode #50 Guest Speaker ~ Sue Trusler"When I was working in my last three years of my role, I was working partly with audit teams and that was a very, very sort of critical time because audits are critiquing things basically. I really loved being critiqued because that gives you the opportunity...

Experiencing the Backstory of Queen Vernita

There is a backstory weaved into every book written. It’s the element that cements the foundation of the story and breathes life into the characters. Dr. Dawn Menge, author of the Queen Vernita educational series and Dragon’s Breath, joins Cindy in the Pen to Paper Press Podcast studio to talk about her children’s book series, travels, and the students who appear in her books. Pour yourself a mug of hot cocoa and enjoy this entertaining conversation focused on writing about life experiences, publishing children’s books, and self-promotion in this episode of Pen to Paper Press Podcast.

What Goes Into An Author Page

Episode #48 Commentary by Cindy Kochis"Don’t get hung up on perfection. Perfection is crippling. Have fun with it. Be creative. Show your creative mood."- Cindy KochisAre you a perfectionist? Why do I ask? Perfectionism is one of those things that gets brought up in conversations centered on...

Journal to Memoir & Blog Post Tagging

Episode #47 Commentary by Cindy Kochis"A journal is a way for us to record pretty much anything we want. The intentions and uses are endless. And, the best part, you can’t get it wrong. How you journal is totally up to you."- Cindy KochisIs there a correct or incorrect way to journal? I've been...

Will Publishing a Book Expand Your Professional Brand?

Episode #46 Guest Speaker ~ Michelle Zellner"When you are being authentic, honest, true to your core and your guiding principles and values, and you're literally speaking and owning everything (the good, bad, and ugly), that's how you connect. That is how you become confident in sharing your...



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“I could relate to many things you and Barbara spoke about. As a new writer (despite being 81) I loved hearing similar experiences.”

Loved Christin’s message. The podcast was awesome. Thanks!

Wow — that’s a lot. As someone who reads and writes mostly non-fiction, I enjoy reading your posts. 

What a great interview. I personally gained some confidence about marketing after listening to her experiences.

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