Pour your self a mug of tea and listen to conversations focused on the art of writing books. Podcast guests visit the virtual Pen to Paper Press studio to chat about all things centered around writing, editing, publishing, and marketing. We explore insights ranging from overcoming writer’s block to self-editing to getting books into the hands of readers.

Creatives have an instinctual need to creative; it is no different for writers. It is a calling from deep within that cannot, and should not, be stifled. We all ask – what do I write, how do I do this, and I doing it right.

Isolation and loneliness is a topics that comes up when speaking to writers. We spend long durations of time alone in our space focused on the writing apparatus. That alone time is both a blessing and a derailleur.

Writers seeking a community who understand the joys and challenges of the writing process, this podcast will encourage you to share the stories only you can pen. We share our personal experiences and insights as a guide to help you, the writer, on your journey. 

You’ll hear from New York Times best selling authors, writers, editors, folks who know marketing, publishers and those who love the craft of writing. Every episode is an opportunity to learn actionable insights to inspire you to live your dreams. 

It’s time. No more pondering the idea. Write ‘that’ book. Your words have power. YOUR story matters!

Writing What Needs to be Said

Episode #025 Guest Speaker ~ Martine Felton“That's why I titled my book 'You Love You Learn'. I feel like a lot of our lessons that we are here to learn present themselves in our relationships. Whether it be romantic, family, work, friendships, they all present themselves in some form of...

How to Organize Your Time & Manage an Outline

Episode #024 Guest Speaker ~ Liz Maritz“Breaking the work into digestible tasks (and digestible is different for every person), writing it down, and then allowing yourself to work through those chunks in a controlled manner. That is, in effect, a version of Agile project management.”- Liz...

Stepping Through Fear

Episode #023 Guest Speaker ~ Andrea Susan Glass“The fear is in our head. When we step into it, the thing we fear doesn’t happen. Fear is like creating a projection. Worry is projecting a future we have no guarantee is going to happen. We just make it up. But, once we step into it, we say, 'Oh, why...

What Are You Investing in Your Book?

Episode #022 Guest Speaker ~ Dorothy Husen "For me, writers block is this fear that I want to write what’s real. I want to write what’s I am truly feeling like my deepest true self feelings and opinions, and, at the same time, I want to be liked by people. So I have this fear that it’s not going...

Does Expressing Creativity Impact Your Health?

Episode #021 Rachel Kieffer (aka Heath Nut Girl), Holistic Nutrition and Health Coach“It is our nature to live creatively, and to express our creative selves. When we don't do that, it usually costs us something in the area of our health.”- Rachel KiefferRachel Kiefer, aka the Health Nut Girl, is...

 #001 Writing in the Third Age – Barb Parcells
#002 Trusting the Channeled Messages – Christin Bjergbakke
#003 A Meaningful Way to Market Our Memoir – Rica Keenum
#004 What Goes Into Publishing a Digital Magazine – Lisa Anderson
#005 Writing Lessons with a Sense of Humor – Allen Klein
#006 A Journey Guided by Love, Loss & a Pen – Sarah Wall
#007 Revealing the Journey – Nancy Fairbrother
#008 Aligning with Your Audience – Crystal Cockerham
#009 Is it Procrastination or Pausing – Natasha Cassidy
#010 Weaving Stories on Our Own Time Frame – Nadia Krauss
#011 Write a Messy First Draft – Cindy Kochis
#012 Is This the Reason You’re not Writing? – Cindy Kochis
#013 Meeting Your Characters & Save Time Editing – Cindy Kochis
#014 Is an Editor Worth it? And, Exploring if You’re Good Enough – Cindy Kochis
#015 Are You Listening to Your Creative Voice? – Cindy Kochis
#016 Researching & Writing the Stories of Ireland – Nancy Blanton
#017 Who Taught You? A Quick Exploration of the Elements – CK Kochis
#018 Which Type of Editor do You Need? – Deborah Kevin
#019 Ways to Publish & Shine Light on Your Book – Deborah Kevin
#020 Meet a Character Guided Meditation – Cindy Kochis
#021 Does Expressing Creativity Impact Your Health? – Rachel Kieffer
#022 What are You Investing in Your Book? – Dorothy Husen
#023 Stepping Through Fear – Andrea Susan Glass
#024 Setting Goals with Project Management Tools – Liz Maritz
#025 Writing What Needs to be Said – Martine Felton (broadcasts July 28th)




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“I could relate to many things you and Barbara spoke about. As a new writer (despite being 81) I loved hearing similar experiences.”

Loved Christin’s message. The podcast was awesome. Thanks!

Wow — that’s a lot. As someone who reads and writes mostly non-fiction, I enjoy reading your posts. 

What a great interview. I personally gained some confidence about marketing after listening to her experiences.

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