What’s the Author’s backstory?

There is a backstory weaved into each book project. To explore the creative process, Cindy connects with authors, writers, editors, publishers, and an array of creative souls to have a conversation centered on how they developed their stories to completing their works of art. Each episode is an opportunity for us to explore mindsets, pearls of wisdom, and the experiences that began our journey as an author from the moment we put pen to paper.

You’ll hear from New York Times best-selling authors, writers, editors, folks who know marketing, publishers and those who love the craft of writing. Every episode is an opportunity to learn actionable insights to inspire you to live your dreams and help you on your path with the backstory only they can tell.

Pour a mug of tea and listen to conversations ranging from overcoming writer’s block to self-editing to getting books into the hands of readers.

A Difference in Writing Styles podcast cover art
Leslie Brooks, author of Education Aggravation
If you want to write, you'll do it
Becoming a Ghostwriter with Jennifer Locke
Aligning with Divine Creativity podcast episode
The Stories Writers Tell Themselves. A conversation with Judy James.
#073 A Difference in Writing Styles – Michael Winstead
#072 If You Want to Write, You’ll do it – Patti Meredith
#071 Aligning with Divine Creativity – Crystal Cockerham
#070 Writing the Intended Message – Leslie K. Brooks
#069 Becoming a Ghostwriter – Jennifer Locke
#068 The Stories Writers Tell Themselves – Judy James
#067 Preserving History with an Artist’s Vision & Historian’s Pen – M. Ruth Little
#066 Stepping Over Distractions & the Sacred Space to Write – Carrie Knowles
#065 Writing from Life Experiences – Marvin Levine
#064 Dare to Publish – Bernadette Bruckner
#063 Turn Your Book into Gold – Tanya Miller
#062 The Creative Journey of a Southern Storyteller – Paul Attaway
#061 The Wisdom Two Podcasters Gain from Interviewing Authors – Landis Wade
#060 How an Author is Destined to be a Butterfly – Stephanie Miller
#059 The Soul of the Story – Kris Groth
#058 This Writer’s Journey: How is an Outline Beneficial – Cindy Kochis
#057 This Writer’s Journey: Out of Alignment – Cindy Kochis
#056 Does Forgiveness Mean to Forget? – Lisa Drennon
#055 The Power of Your Voice – Tasha Wilson
#054 What Are Your Core Values? – Michael Schoettle
#053 In the Moment with Our Inner Critic – Elizabeth Kipp
#052 Understanding How the Inner Critic Assists with Your Creativity – Bill Lee-Emery
#051 It’s not About Perfection or the Perfect Roadmap – Kristin Buchtel
#050 Decorating a Boat & Paintings in a Book- Sue Trusler
#049 Experiencing the Backstory of Queen Vernita – Dr. Dawn Menge
#048 What Goes Into An Author Page – Cindy Kochis
#047 Journal to Memoir & Blog Post Tagging – Cindy Kochis
#046 Will Publishing a Book Expand Your Professional Brand? – Michelle Zellner
#045 From Journal to Memoir: The Journey of Adoption – Jennifer Rose Asher
#044 What have I Done to Make a Difference? – Dr. Robert Saul
#043 The Best-Selling Author and the Princess Pup – Vatsala Shukla
#042 Is it Your Intention or Goal to Write Your Book – Mary McGuire
#041 How to Become the Best Person to Sell Your Book – Jon Sansone
#040 Money Mindset, Fear, & Aligning with Our Woo – Victoria Sexton
#039 Let’s be Honest with Ourselves – Gary Fahey
#038 What Does it Mean to be a Superhero? – Artika Tyner
#037 Write for Self; Publish for Them – Charlie Gray
#036 Write About What You Believe In- Dayna Colvin
#035 Grateful for Pen and Paper – Jenny Mannion
#034 Traversing the Journey to Self – Sandra Cooze
#033 How Dogs Lead You Back to Self – Michael Overlie
#032 Writing from the Heart to Heal – Dayna Colvin
#031 One Writer’s Wilderness Journey from Hobby to Professional Author – Jeannine Stokes
#030 Writing a Series on Deception – Richard Lyntton
#029 What is the Secret to Writing a Book with a Co-Author? – Cornelia Gamlem & Barbara Mitchell
#028 Reclaim Your Creativity to Express Your Written Voice – Collection of guests
#027 How Will Public Relations Expand Your Audience? – Andrea Pass
#026 Writing a Book on Grief, Love & Happiness – Emily Thiroux Threatt
#025 Writing What Needs to be Said – Martine Felton
#024 Setting Goals with Project Management Tools – Liz Maritz
#023 Stepping Through Fear – Andrea Susan Glass
#022 What are You Investing in Your Book? – Dorothy Husen
#021 Does Expressing Creativity Impact Your Health? – Rachel Kieffer
#020 Meet a Character Guided Meditation – Cindy Kochis
#019 Ways to Publish & Shine Light on Your Book – Deborah Kevin
#018 Which Type of Editor do You Need? – Deborah Kevin
#017 Who Taught You? A Quick Exploration of the Elements – CK Kochis
#016 Researching & Writing the Stories of Ireland – Nancy Blanton
#015 Are You Listening to Your Creative Voice? – Cindy Kochis
#014 Is an Editor Worth it? And, Exploring if You’re Good Enough – Cindy Kochis
#013 Meeting Your Characters & Save Time Editing – Cindy Kochis
#012 Is This the Reason You’re not Writing? – Cindy Kochis
#011 Write a Messy First Draft – Cindy Kochis
#010 Weaving Stories on Our Own Time Frame – Nadia Krauss
#009 Is it Procrastination or Pausing – Natasha Cassidy
#008 Aligning with Your Audience – Crystal Cockerham
#007 Revealing the Journey – Nancy Fairbrother
#006 A Journey Guided by Love, Loss & a Pen – Sarah Wall
#005 Writing Lessons with a Sense of Humor – Allen Klein
#004 What Goes Into Publishing a Digital Magazine – Lisa Anderson
#003 A Meaningful Way to Market Our Memoir – Rica Keenum
#002 Trusting the Channeled Messages – Christin Bjergbakke
#001 Writing in the Third Age – Barb Parcells
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I really loved this podcast and am looking forward to reading the book. I do have a fascination with the mystic even if I don’t know if I am a believer and could much identify with Kris about the journey. The writing, though difficult, is an act of love. The marketing is so difficult for the creative soul. I so appreciate you having this platform for new writers to share different aspects of their journey!
Leslie | The Soul of the Story - Kris Groth

Loved Christin’s message. The podcast was awesome. Thanks!

Just caught up with Episode 52, the wonderful Bill Lee-Emery. He was so interesting, changing the path forward by opening up a dialogue with his own inner critic. It’s taken me years to be in a space that could have been so easily accessible a long time ago, had I known about the messages he has delivered here. I intend listening again to take it all in and improve my relationship with my inner critic.

I could relate to many things you and Barbara spoke about. As a new writer (despite being 81) I loved hearing similar experiences.

What a great interview. I personally gained some confidence about marketing after listening to her experiences.

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