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Dare to Publish

Have you thought about creating your own publishing company? In part one of Dare to Publish, Bernadette Bruckner shares with Cindy Kochis why she started her own publishing company, how her near-death experiences affected her writing, and what it means to trust timing. Pour a mug of chai tea for yourself and enjoy this motivational conversation about timing. Dare to publish. You never know who you can inspire and the lives you’re impacting with your story. 

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In the Moment with Our Inner Critic

What is chronic pain? Can you overcome it? If so, how? Elizabeth R. Kipp joins Cindy in the Pen to Paper Press Podcast studio to talk about her new book and how ‘being in moment’ impacted her life. Discover why her gave her inner critic a make-over and who’s voice she hears when the inner critic speaks. Pour a mug of rose tea for yourself and enjoy listening to our very educational conversation.

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Journal to Memoir & Blog Post Tagging

When you place pen to paper and journal, do you list the time, day, and date? In this episode of Pen to Paper Press Podcast, discover the information Cindy Kochis typically logs when she travels. It has been proven to enhance the content of her memoir. In addition, she explores a simple way to organize blog posts with the use of categories and tags. Pour yourself a mug of hot tea and listen to the pearls of wisdom Cindy recently shared in the Pen to Paper Writers Circle and with her VA clients.

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How Dogs Lead You Back to Self

Michael Overlie, coach and author of Let Your Dog Lead, joined Cindy Kochis in the Pen to Paper Press Podcast virtual studio to talk about three of their favorite things: dogs, writing, and guiding individuals to live a healthier lifestyle. Their conversation began with his ability to communicate with animals since he was a child and then shifted to why he wrote his book. They shared an array of stories and lessons they learned from their four-legged companions. Pour yourself a cup of coffee, step outside with your dog, and enjoy listening this motivational conversation that will help you find the inspiration to write.

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Writing What Needs to be Said

Is there a memoir in your journal entries? Martine Felton joined Cindy Kochis in the podcast studio to share her insights on how she transformed the entries of personal growth in her journal into a memoir. The conversation focus shifted to the differences Martine experienced with writing both a fiction book and a memoir, and what she learned about herself. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy this heartwarming conversation of self-discovery.

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