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Writing the Intended Message

What is the intended message you are writing? Leslie K. Brooks, author and retired teacher, shares why she thought it was important to write and publish Education Aggravation. Discover what it means to be an organic writer and her experiences on that creative journey. Pour a mug of mint tea for yourself and enjoy our conversation about the power of our words.

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It’s not About Perfection or the Perfect Roadmap

What is the initial spark, the unforeseen glimmer, that eventually becomes the foundation of a book? Kristin Buchtel joined Cindy Kochis to answers that question. Kristin is the award-winning author of Noteworthy Parenting and the companion journal Noteworthy Parenting Roadmap. Their conversation weaved from the inspiration to sketch stick figures, to the actions steps Kristin used for marketing at the beginning of the lockdowns, to learning how to self-publish to ensure she kept all the rights to her illustrations. Pour yourself a mug of what tastes good and enjoy this educational conversation focused on letting go of perfection.

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Experiencing the Backstory of Queen Vernita

There is a backstory weaved into every book written. It’s the element that cements the foundation of the story and breathes life into the characters. Dr. Dawn Menge, author of the Queen Vernita educational series and Dragon’s Breath, joins Cindy in the Pen to Paper Press Podcast studio to talk about her children’s book series, travels, and the students who appear in her books. Pour yourself a mug of hot cocoa and enjoy this entertaining conversation focused on writing about life experiences, publishing children’s books, and self-promotion in this episode of Pen to Paper Press Podcast.

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What Does it Mean to be a Superhero?

What is one question you would ask a group of children if you were going to write a children’s book series? Dr. Artika Tyner visited the Pen to Paper Press Podcast studio for an enlightening conversation about the one woman who influenced her passion for writing, her journey as an author and publisher. Artika is a passionate educator, sought after speaker, and advocate for justice. Her book titles include: The Inclusive Leader: Taking Intentional Action for Justice and Equity, The Leader’s Journey, The Lawyer as Leader, along with an array of children’s books.

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Write About What You Believe In

How passionate are you about the topics you write about? Dayna Colvin joined Cindy Kochis in the Pen to Paper Press Podcast studio to talk about the importance of writing from the heart. This conversation will encourage you to pause and write what you believe in, and question the overall message you wish to share with the world. Pour yourself a cup of green tea, step outside to appreciate nature, and enjoy listening our conversation that will inspire you to write about what matters to you.

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Writing From the Heart to Heal

Dayna Colvin, author and Wellness Warrior Mama, joined Cindy Kochis in the Pen to Paper Press Podcast virtual studio to talk about her new children’s book, Amy and her Fairy Friends. The interview was cut short due to phone issues, however what Dayna shared about her writing was purely from her heart. Discover how writing helped Dayna heal from a difficult childhood and how she is providing others with healthy lifestyle options.

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