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Aligning with Divine Creativity

Are you mentally getting out of the way and aligning with the birth of what you’re creating so that it can come through? Crystal Cockerham, author and spiritual mentor, shares tips and her wisdom to come into alignment with our creative projects. Pour a mug of rose tea for yourself and enjoy this insightful episode to get you into alignment with your creativity.

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The Stories Writers Tell Themselves

What story do you tell yourself? Judy James has spent forty-two years standing behind her clients as their hairdresser. If you would have told her two years ago she would publish a book, she would not have believed you. Yet, today she is the best-selling author of “Out of Hiding; Finding the Courage to be Me”. Cindy and Judy explore the topics of self-acceptance, energy healing, story development, tattoos, and different writing processes. Pour a mug of iced tea for yourself and enjoy this inspirational conversation about trusting our intuition.

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Dare to Publish

Have you thought about creating your own publishing company? In part one of Dare to Publish, Bernadette Bruckner shares with Cindy Kochis why she started her own publishing company, how her near-death experiences affected her writing, and what it means to trust timing. Pour a mug of chai tea for yourself and enjoy this motivational conversation about timing. Dare to publish. You never know who you can inspire and the lives you’re impacting with your story. 

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The Best-Selling Author and the Princess Pup

Grieving is never an easy process. Meet Vatsala Shukla, best-selling author, and listen to her heart-warming story of how she honored her dear Miss Coco. Vatsala is a Change Catalyst, Executive and Career Coach with an extensive accounting background. Discover how is continues to find topics to write about in her blog series for professionals, and which element of publishing her books she enjoys. Pour yourself a mug of chai and enjoy our informational conversation centered around writing from the heart.

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Grateful for Pen and Paper

Jenny Mannion joined Cindy Kochis in the Pen to Paper Press Podcast studio for a powerful conversation about self-love and forgiveness. Jenny is an International best-selling author of A Short Path to Change: 30 Ways to Transform Your Life, speaker, highly sought after intuitive, self-love activator, and media personality. This heart-centered episode is filled with insights on allowing yourself to shine, how writing prompts will bring awareness to our emotions, and activating self-love. This is truly a must-listen-to podcast! What story are you telling your mind, body, spirit, and the world?  Pour yourself a cup of green tea, step outside to breathe in the aromas of nature, and enjoy listening our motivational conversation that will inspire you to write with pen and paper.

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Traversing the Journey to Self

Sandra Cooze, coach and author, joined Cindy Kochis in the Pen to Paper Press Podcast studio to talk about Sandra’s book Journey to Your Self – How to Heal from Trauma – Written by Someone Who Did. It is the first in the three book series. Weaved within their conversation, they explored why some people have perfectionistic tendencies and discussed the hard lessons Sandra continues to learn while publishing her book series. Pour yourself a warm cup of chamomile tea and enjoy listening our AHA-inspiring conversation that is certain to encourage us to unlearn several of our habits and beliefs.

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How Dogs Lead You Back to Self

Michael Overlie, coach and author of Let Your Dog Lead, joined Cindy Kochis in the Pen to Paper Press Podcast virtual studio to talk about three of their favorite things: dogs, writing, and guiding individuals to live a healthier lifestyle. Their conversation began with his ability to communicate with animals since he was a child and then shifted to why he wrote his book. They shared an array of stories and lessons they learned from their four-legged companions. Pour yourself a cup of coffee, step outside with your dog, and enjoy listening this motivational conversation that will help you find the inspiration to write.

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One Writer’s Wilderness Journey from Hobby to Professional Author

Jeaninne Stokes, author and poet, sat with Cindy Kochis in the Pen to Paper Press Podcast virtual studio for a delightful conversation on how her faith in God led her on an uncharted journey to shift her writing from a hobby to becoming a professional author. Jeaninne shared the undeniable sign from God to change career paths, the challenges she faced, and how God continues to inspire her on the writing wilderness journey. This episode explores the lessons Jeaninne learned and how she is guiding Christian authors on their journey. Pour yourself a mug of herbal tea, find a comfort space to relax, and enjoy listening to our inspirational conversation.

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