Any writer will tell you, the best compliment is to know someone is reading your words.

What They Said about the Editing Services

Guided By Love Book Cover

Cindy is much more than an editor; she has been my trustee guide and confidant over the past three years while writing my second book, Guided by Love. Her meticulous attention to detail and suggestions helped me to polish the manuscript into its final version. A highly emotional book for me to write, Cindy encouraged me to dig deeper and to find the strength to share my truth in each chapter. I look forward to working with her again on my next book when the time comes.

Sarah Wall, Author of Guided by Love

(I) just wanted to share with you that you make me so happy with your thorough and detailed editing of my book. I feel taken care of and important.”

Christin Bjergbakke, Author of Channeled Messages of Love and Light

Channeled Messages of Love and Light book cover
Social media testimonial
Social media testimonial

Grateful Website Clients

Looking for help with your WP website? Don’t know the first thing about plug-ins, widgets, coding or design layout? Cindy will build you a gorgeous, interactive site that looks professional and polished. She is patient, intuitive and a good listener. If you’re a novice, she will offer suggestions, guide you and design something even better than you could have imagined. I highly recommend her services – you won’t be disappointed!
Ms. Smith

Working with Cindy is like having someone reading my mind. She was able to step in and take the pieces of the puzzle, that were stumbling blocks for me, put them together magically. She was super easy to work with taking the back end work for my launch off my plate and allowing me to step back into my creative genius. Her ability to connect to my work and see my vision allowed for great flow to the project. She is a gem and a jewel to work with!
Laura Clark

Rave Reviews for Online Courses

“I am so happy I enrolled in the 21-Day Writers Intensive. It gave me just the incentive I needed to get going on my novel. Just like using water to prime a pump, the intensive primed my creativity and fed my inspiration to move on to more challenging projects. Plus, it made me more responsible about sitting down every day and committing to write. I don’t know that I could have finished the first draft of my novel if I hadn’t worked with the 21-Day Writing Intensive to “prime” my writer’s pump!”

Barbara Parcells

Author | 21-Day Writing Intensive

“The 21-Day Writing Intensive has kept me focused, accountable, and on task. Plus, it is so nice to finally find a tribe I can hang out with that gets me.”

Julie W

Author | 21-Day Writing Intensive

“I just LOVE this! It’s really beautiful and well presented, with a clear message. Personally I love that there is writing time built into the sessions as that means I will 100% be getting words down on paper by doing it – if the calls just talked about writing and left me to write in my own time only it may still not happen, but once the ball is rolling and a start is make it’s so much easier to carry on alone. So I love that practical element. It’s a total bargain too. Great offer!”
Dr. Joy Lovesey

Crystal Heart. Healer, Teacher, Facilitator | 21-Day Writing Intensive

Testimonials from a Pen To Paper Writers Circle Member

“I’ve heard of the saying that there’s a book inside each of us but what happens when you start writing a book on a topic that is dear to your heart and get hit by the Curse of Knowledge and Information?

That’s exactly what happened to me for my 7th book where I’ve written about money from both a Coach and a Finance Specialist’s point of view. I put my manuscript aside thinking I will return to it and then time went by until I found my Motivator and gentle coaxing to revisit my manuscript from Cindy.

Under her unassuming yet powerful mentorship in the Pen to Paper Writers Circle, I finally realized my manuscript was actually two books instead of one! The clarity I received finally spurred me to revisit my book and this time, I finalized my manuscript and published it!

Looking back, I realize our communications over a few days made all the difference and Cindy helped me understand that Writer’s Block can take many forms.

If you are stuck in a rut with a cherished book project, blog and need someone to stand by you while you work on your dream project, then Cindy Kochis is the Go to Mentor for the job. I strongly recommend joining the Pen to Paper Writers Circle.

That’s one decision your Future Self will thank you for!”

Vatsala Shukla

Author & Coach

Cindy Kochis

My Approach

You worked hard and spent a tremendous amount of time and energy to write and edit the book you birthed.

It is not in me to let spelling and punctuation errors, extra spaces, and formatting issues to go without informing my clients. They trust that if I find something, they will receive a notification so we can make the corrections.

There is power in your words. Whether “the story” is written or resides within the interior walls of your mind, that story matters. My role as a coach is not to tell you what to do, how to do it, or whether to do the thing you desire. I’m here to support your decisions. You have freewill. The choices you make are solely yours to make.

How can I help you traverse the creative path?

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