The Evolution of Pen to Paper Press™

The initial vision was to create a supportive community for writers to write and network when Pen to Paper Writers Circle™ was established. Synchronicity continues to provide Cindy Kochis with unique opportunities to assist authors to develop their stories, design both the covers and interior layout, and assist clients in the publishing process. Pen to Paper Press™ evolved as a means to encourage authors to write, develop the storyline, and assist in getting the book published.

Wandering Wild Digital Studio

Share the journey from putting pen to paper to publishing your work of art.

Virtual (& Mobile) Studio

Someone asked me, “Why are you doing podcasts? Videos get more attention.”

My response was, “I live and work in a 21′ camper and, depending on where I am residing temporarily, I don’t always have a good enough signal for a phone call, much less a video recording on Zoom.”

I love podcasts. It’s the various conversations that keep me company when I’m cruisin’ down the highway with hours to get where I am going. The voices vibrate the truck speakers and fill my ears with entertainment and insightful information. Podcast hosts join me in the kitchen when I cook and eat dinner, when I’m in the shower, and just before I go to sleep.

Pen to Paper Press™ Podcast helps writers give voice to their books, writing process, the backstory, and share their journey. I’ve recorded conversations with authors getting ready to publish their first book to a gentleman with his name on thirty-plus book covers to a digital magazine publisher and editor. Each of us has a unique story; an important story.

Your words have power.

Our story matters.

CK Kochis

Discover how I can help you share your story!

I’m a writer; it’s what I do.

As the publisher of Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine, I found myself guiding contributing writers to trust their intuition and write content from their heart. The Integrative Nutrition Health Coach education I received became the foundation of Elements For A Healthier Life. It was a platform for coaches and community leaders to share pearls of wisdom and professional insights to an audience seeking a healthier lifestyle.

Often when assisting virtual assistant clients, it’s natural for me to help them with their written projects. They keep me creatively busy and motivated to learn more.

I love how various life experiences and opportunities create a majestic puzzle. When we’re in the mix of current events, it is not easy to see how we are building a foundation for our future. We add a puzzle piece here, a piece there and the next thing you know, you’re creating something that was merely an unobtainable dream. That’s what Pen to Paper Press is to me – the unobtainable dream that transformed into a reality!

“Life is an amazing adventure; it was never intended to be lived in gray-scale.” – CK Kochis, INHC

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