Decorating a Boat & Paintings in a Book

Sue Trusler shares how decorating a boat lead to wobbly artwork

Episode #50

Guest Speaker ~ Sue Trusler

“When I was working in my last three years of my role, I was working partly with audit teams and that was a very, very sort of critical time because audits are critiquing things basically. I really loved being critiqued because that gives you the opportunity to improve. You might not see it yourself, but if criticism is given in a constructive way, I think it can be extremely useful.”
– Sue Trusler

After retiring from working thirty-seven years in finance, Sue Trusler and her husband purchased a small narrow boat. As with most purchases such as this, they wanted to make it theirs. Without realizing it, this was where Sue’s art journey began. After giving a speech focused on learning to painting, audience members encouraged her to share her stories and write a book that, in turn, would encourage people with no prior skills to start painting. Thus began Sue’s next adventure of writing Time to Start Your Art – Learn to paint with passion.

Sue takes us on a journey into her world of learning various art mediums and why she was insistent in publishing several of her wobbly bits in her first book. In this episode you will gain a better understanding why a fair number of people resist starting a creative project that interests them, and what Sue’s process was for organizing her book (hint: it includes spreadsheets).

If you are formatting (or have) the interior pages of a book, you will fully appreciate Sue’s frustration with text wrapping around images and dangling sentences. The insights Sue offers are priceless and helpful to anyone publishing and marketing their book. It is fair to state we spent a fair amount of time chatting about the perfection is perception statement.

Pour yourself a mug of English Breakfast tea and enjoy this entertaining conversation about our appreciate of spreadsheets, painting, and all the other things we have in common in this episode of Pen to Paper Press Podcast.

We would love to know more about you. What is your favorite creative medium? Does the phrase – perfection is perception – motivate you to be less critical of your artwork? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

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Who is Sue Trusler?
After retiring from thirty-seven years of finance, Sue Trusler purchased a small narrow boat and wanted to decorate it with roses. Her art journey began when she became hooked on art; trying watercolor, botanical, ink, and etc. To encourage people with no prior skills to start painting, Sue wrote “Time to Start Your Art – Learn to paint with passion”. Within the book are illustrations from wobbly to wonderful to encourage people to find their own style and have fun being creative. Explore to learn more about Sue, her book, and to be inspired to let go of perfectionism.

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